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Canadian Business Resources for Exporting 

Canada has a strong focus on exporting and plays a significant role in global trade. In 2021, Canada’s annual exports reached a record $637 billion, surpassing previous records by 7%. The primary export products include crude oil, cars, petroleum products, gold, and sawn wood. With such a robust export market, Canadian businesses, particularly in the cleantech sector, have a prime opportunity to expand their reach internationally.  

While the opportunities are vast, expanding into new markets comes with its challenges. These include understanding international trade regulations, managing cross-border logistics, and securing adequate funding. To address these challenges, Canadian businesses need to be well-versed in the resources available to them. 

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Exporting Information for Canadian Businesses  

Exporting Goods from Canada: A Guide for Exporters: Canadian Border Services Agency 

The guide is an excellent overview of what you need to know to export from Canada. There are a wealth of resources, links, and useful contact information. An important focus of this guide is the reporting aspects of exporting.  

Checklist for Exporting Commercial Goods: Canadian Border Services Agency 

If you are a first-time exporter, this is a brief but comprehensive resource that highlights the critical actions and information related to exporting.  

Canadian Export Classification Resource: Statistics Canada 

This is a highly detailed explanation of the classification of commodities using the HS method.  

Canadian Export and Import Controls  

This Global Affairs Canada site is a comprehensive resource for Canadian exports who need to know about Export Controls. The site includes links to the following critical information for exporters:  

  • Controlled Products & Export Controls 
  • Latest updates regarding import & export regulations.  
  • Printable forms  
  • The import and export controls systems  
  • Guides & Publications  

Tools for Canadian Exporters  

Customs Tariff Tool: Canadian Border Services Agency  

Use this online tool to determine the appropriate tariff based on HS Code. The site also provides high level details on tariffs, and it provides contact information for questions. 

Export Controls Online (EXCOL): Global Affairs Canada  

This is a link to the Web-based tool for submitting online applications for export permits and international import and delivery verification certificates, as well as to request amendments, submit online quarterly utilization reports for military goods, and print selected permits in your office. 

Export and Import Controls System (EICS): Global Affairs Canada  

This is a link to a secure web interface and an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface to support the application, approval, and processing of import/export permits. The system also features import/export quota management functionality. Also included on this site are links to the further information including:  

  • EICS – Participants Requirements Document  
  • List of Customs Brokers 

International Exporting Tools & Resources  

VAT: Reporting Imports & Exports: European Commission 

This site provides a basic overview of VAT taxes and a country specific search. It provides simple answers to your common questions, and it provides you with a tool to find further information.  

CE Marking for EU Exporting  

The Canada Trade Commissioner Service provides a great resource called ‘Six Steps to CE Marking’ for European Conformity. It offers key EU resources and valuable insights from experts.  

World Trade Organization Tariff Download Facility  

This database contains the most complete information regarding tariffs according to the HS classification coding method. The information is accessed through the World Trade Organization (WTO) Integrated Data Base (IDB) for applied tariffs and imports and from the Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) database for the bound duties of all WTO Members. Data from this site can be downloaded in the following formats to be further analyzed: XML, Excel, or CSV. 

Trade Data and Analysis: 

The US International Trade Administration (ITA) offers data to help determine the best countries to target your exporting efforts. Included is a reference book on export development called A Basic Guide to Exporting. Chapter 8 highlights government regulations and country conditions for product adaption. 

Exporting News & Publications  

Regional, national, and global economies are constantly evolving, as are the regulations surrounding international trade and exportation. Understanding these changes and their impact on your business is crucial for successful expansion. Mentor Works, a Ryan Company offers a diverse array of resources including newsletters, magazines, and other publications to keep you informed. 

Read our blog on Canadian Exporting Trends to learn what your competitors are investing their time towards.  

CANADEXPORT Magazine: Canada Trade Commissioner Service  

This magazine provides Canadian exporters with the latest news and information from the Canada Trade Commissioner Service. 

Newsletter for Small & Medium Businesses: Statistics Canada  

This e-newsletter gives business owners with the most relevant updates and data sources likely to be of interest and information on how to access the data. 

International Trade Analysis: Statistics Canada  

Statistics Canada has detailed publications and reports on various topics associated with international trade. The publications are available for downloading and free to access. 

MyTCS: Canadian Trade Commissioner Service  

Join the more than 20,000 registered Canadian businesses that access export-related information and tools through MyTCS. Get market insights, events, and more, tailored to your business needs. 

Mentor Works’ Newsletter  

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay updated on export-related grant information. While we will not feature export-related grants every week, we continue to raise awareness around government grant funding. These funding programs might also support your other business objectives – whether that is business expansion, hiring & training, research & development, or capital & tech adoption.  

International Trade Show Resources 

Whether your company is a new participant in trade shows or a seasoned pro, these resources are worth a glance. Attending a trade show can be a costly commitment, and this information will help ensure you are organized and prepared to attend the show. There is also information to ensure you take advantage of all the marketing opportunities prior to the show, at the show and after the show.  

Practical strategies to maximize your trade show ROI  

This is a good resource for your business to consider if you are planning to use trade shows as a marketing tool. The topics outline marketing plan tips, choosing a show, targeting the right visitors, and more.  

Trade Show Check List: EXHIBITOR Magazine  

Here is a brief but comprehensive planning guide for attending a trade show. It includes some useful tips and covers everything from budget to making hotel reservations.  

Tips for Rookies (and Pros!): EXHIBITOR Magazine  

Make use of this site’s extensive resources, tutorials, best practices, and useful tips. Check out their resources under the headings: Exhibiting 101 and Forms & Templates. These are useful for planning purposes, recommended reading, and glossary of terms. The glossary of terms is important because trade shows have a lot of industry specific terminology. 

Financing and Funding Expansion  

BDC: Business Development Bank of Canada 

Services Offered by BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting provides a range of services to exporters and businesses, including business planning, financial planning, market research, export planning, e-business strategies, and information about globalization. Contact BDC at 1-877-BDC-BANX (232-2269) or via their Online Contact Form. 

BDC Working Capital Loan

The Working Capital Loan from BDC is designed to support business expansion into domestic and foreign markets or undertake new growth projects. This innovative loan offers up to $250,000 and can be utilized for various purposes, such as participating in trade shows, developing export or e-commerce plans, product development, inventory purchase, and advancing SR&ED refunds. 

Export Development Canada (EDC) 

EDC Website

Export Development Canada (EDC) serves as Canada’s export credit agency, providing financial and risk management solutions to facilitate Canadian businesses’ expansion into international markets. Contact EDC at 1-800-267-8510 or via their Online Contact Form. 

Portfolio Credit Insurance

Portfolio Credit Insurance offered by EDC covers payments owed to businesses by foreign buyers, enabling them to enter new markets with confidence and offer flexible payment terms. This insurance covers up to 90% of losses associated with political and commercial risks. 

Export Guarantee Program

The Export Guarantee Program by EDC offers SMEs a guarantee to their lenders for up to 75% of the loan amount, providing access to capital for financing exporting activities without impacting day-to-day operations. 

Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

EDC’s Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee program eliminates the need for collateral when locking in foreign exchange contracts, freeing up additional working capital for businesses. 

Political Risk Insurance

EDC’s Political Risk Insurance provides coverage for assets and investments outside of Canada, protecting against risks such as damage, seizure, expropriation, and currency conversion risks. 

Accessing Export Funding & Grant Options  

Mentor Works, a Ryan Company specializes in assisting businesses in leveraging Canadian government grants and loans to support their strategic initiatives. Through a personalized approach, we help businesses identify funding opportunities tailored to their upcoming projects or hiring needs, often maximizing funding by stacking multiple programs. After assessing a company’s eligibility and strategic goals, we help you develop a proactive funding plan that aligns available funding with project timelines and priorities, ensuring no missed opportunities due to timing constraints.  

Furthermore, our insights on available funding resources provides Canadian businesses with valuable insights and priority access to funding updates and consultation sessions. As businesses explore export opportunities, Mentor Works encourages leveraging government grants and loans to support investments and expansion into international markets, ensuring continued growth and success. 

The CanExport SMEs funding program provides Canadian government grants to support Canadian businesses seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets, particularly high-growth priority markets and sectors, by covering a portion of eligible sales and marketing activities.  Contact us today to learn more about your government funding eligibility! 

Funding Funding Now, Contact Mentor Works 

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