Free Webinar: How to Find the Perfect Export Market for Your Business

CME Webinars for Export Expansion

It’s no secret. Expanding your business into new international markets can help access additional suppliers, customers, and increase profits. Growing into strategically selected markets will make for a more competitive business, however selecting the wrong market could result in wasting precious company resources.

A variety of tools and resources are available to help companies select the right export market, however many businesses are unaware of where or how to find them. “The complex process of exporting products can be intimidating for businesses, and in some cases may present a barrier that’s too difficult to overcome” says Emiliano Introcaso, National Program Manager of the Export Success Program.

Luckily, there are exporting experts who can assist Ontario businesses navigate this process confidently.   Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and the Canada-Ontario Export Forum (COEF) are two organizations who support Ontario companies that are beginning to export or are scaling-up their exports. Businesses can learn from these two organizations during a series of webinars focused on performing quality export market research.

International Market Research Tools and Tips Webinar

Ontario businesses can learn exporting best-practices during a two-part webinar series presented by COEF and supported by CME. Participating organizations will learn about online tools, databases, and directories that focus your market research and lead to choosing a more viable export market. “These tools and tips will benefit Ontario-based companies with a variety of export experience, from those who do not currently export to veteran exporters” adds Mr. Introcaso.

Export Webinar Organizers

The Canada-Ontario Export Forum (COEF) is a partnership of 22 federal, provincial, and non-profit organizations who collaborate to increase export sales among new and experienced exporters. Their coordinated approach results in training opportunities such as the International Marketing Tools webinar and other resources that educate Ontario business owners and executives.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is Canada’s most popular trade and industry association. As a representative of over 10,000 businesses throughout the country, CME’s services bolster Canada’s exporting opportunities and advantages. Their leadership, expertise, and connections enable educational events that inform businesses about ways to grow their business internationally.

Webinar Details

This export webinar has been broken into two 1-hour sessions; registrants will have access to both sessions when they register for free.

Session 1 – September 7, 2016 @ 1-2pm

  • Planning to research a market
  • Understanding statistical market data
  • Using directories to discover customers and/or competitors

Session 2 – September 14, 2016 @ 1-2pm

  • Complying with regulations and standards
  • Export marketing
  • Getting started and where to find additional resources

Webinar Registration

When: September 7 & 14, 2016 @ 1-2pm

Where: Online Webinar via GoToWebinar

Cost: Free

BONUS – Entering a New Foreign Market: Maximizing Value While Minimizing Risks Webinar

CME is hosting another webinar in September 2016 that is specifically designed for Canadian manufacturers who are looking to setup a physical presence in the United States. In partnership with The CAI Global Group, CME’s webinar will feature strategic considerations that businesses must make before growing into the US.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Confirming your export expansion strategy;
  • Financing your export expansion through government incentives and other resources;
  • Selecting your location;
  • Workforce assistance resources; and
  • Best practices to guide your export growth.

Webinar Registration

When: September 29, 2016 @ 1-2pm

Where: Online Webinar via GoToWebinar

Cost: Free

Canadian Government Funding Programs for Export Expansion

If your company is starting or expanding its export strategy, it’s critical to use Canadian government funding incentives to offset a portion of the costs. Not only does it provide an incentive to grow into new countries, but it also mitigates some of the risks associated with establishing operations in an unproven market.

An assortment of Canadian government grants and loans may be able to assist with the exporting process, including a relatively new exporting grant, CanExport. Created in 2016, CanExport grants provide up to 50% of eligible export market development costs to a maximum $50,000. Businesses may be able to recover a portion of market development costs, such as participating in a trade show and developing marketing materials, for a country where less than 10% or $20,000 of total international sales have been earned in the last 24 months.

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