Introduction to Trades Training: Youth Manufacturing Training Program

Canadian Manufacturing Industry Grants to Train Youth Workers

Although Canadian manufacturers are largely projecting growth over their next 1-3 years, there are a number of constraints that will limit their ability to do so. As reported in Manufacturers’ Outlook 2016, a survey of top manufacturing executives in Canada, a variety of issues will continue to challenge operations and slow growth over that time. Among the top growth constraints are difficulty hiring skilled workers (43%), limited production capacity (27%), and no clear growth strategy (19%).

Despite these limitations to success, barely any companies are choosing to implement strategies to hire and retain millennial workers. Only 6% of Canadian manufacturing firms have a strategy in place to reduce their skills void with youth workers. With a growing shortage of talent in the marketplace, more companies should be committed to finding and nurturing youth manufacturing talent.

Provided through the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA), the Introductory Trades Training Program helps to promote development of skilled labour in the manufacturing industry. The program will help prepare the next generation of youth for manufacturing jobs while also providing companies with up to $8,000 in funding support.

Introduction to Trades Training: Promoting Skilled Labour in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry

Machine, tool, die, and mould (MTDM) companies will be able to close the skilled labour gap by attracting and retaining youth through this training program. Through the program, employers may receive a qualified youth and provide them with 26 weeks on shop-floor training that increases their abilities and resourcefulness within the industry. Employers are expected to offer employment to the youth trainee upon successful completion of the program, therefore decreasing youth unemployment while also adding a new, well-trained manufacturing employee to their team.

How Does the Introduction to Trades Training Program Work?

Eligible youth participants are pre-screened by three parties including CTMA to ensure that they have the attitude and aptitude to be successful in the manufacturing industry. Once this clearance has been provided, companies may interview and select their trainees, at which point the company must employ the youth worker at a minimum of $12/hour for a 32-week period.

The youth worker will complete 6 weeks of safety and skills-building instruction from the Valiant Training &Development Centre, at which point they will graduate and become ready for 26-weeks of shop-floor training with your company.

Upon the end of this 26-week period, businesses will receive up to $8,000 in small business funding support and are expected to offer employment to the job-ready youth worker.

Application Timelines

Please ensure your business applies to the Introduction to Trades Training Program by the following dates. Note that at the time of this blog’s publishing, Round 1 intakes have already passed:

Round 2: June 6, 2016

Round 3: September 6, 2016

Round 4: December 5, 2016

Registration Fee

Companies are required to pay an up-front fee that covers the cost of their selected youth to complete the initial 6-week safety and skills-building education. This cost is set at:

CTMA, APMA/CAMM Member Companies: $1,750 to $2,250 per participant;

Non-Member Companies: $2,2750 to $3,250 per participant.

Note: Companies will be awarded up to $8,000 upon completion of the program, which will cover the program’s registration fee and the majority of wages paid to their youth trainee.

Get Started with the Introduction to Trades Training Program

To get started with the Introduction to Trades Training Program (ITT), please contact the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) at:

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