Ontario Export Awards Recognizes 12 Exceptional Manufacturers

Ontario Export Awards Recognizes 12 Manufacturers

Ontario’s economic health is largely affected by manufacturing exports. In 2015, Ontario manufacturers generated nearly $290 billion in revenue; approximately $197 billion of this was from international customers. Manufacturers who export their products play a valuable role in boosting the province’s economy, from creating high value jobs to generating wealth that fuels future investments. But often, exporters don’t receive the recognition they deserve for taking risks and investing in international markets.

Since 2014, the Ontario Export Awards has been honouring manufacturers that exemplify innovation and export success. The annual event unites over 200 attendees, including manufacturing executives, government officials, and industry association representatives, to recognize companies that are dedicated to becoming worldwide brands.

During the 2016 Ontario Export Awards, Canada Goose was named Exporter of the Year. An additional 11 manufacturers were also recognized for their achievements and contributions to Ontario’s economy.

Winners of the 2016 Ontario Export Awards

The Ontario Export Awards celebrate manufacturing leadership and business growth that have generated significant economic impact.

By acknowledging business achievements, awareness can be brought to the importance of exporting and how it benefits Ontario’s economy. Additionally, the event provides an outlet to celebrate industry leaders’ success and share business advice in support of further economic improvements.

Industry Leaders Honoured During the 2016 Ontario Export Awards

On November 22, 2016, the Ontario Export Awards acknowledged 12 manufacturers. The awards presented this year include:

  • Consumer Products & Technology: Canada Goose
  • Clean Technology: Silfab Solar Inc.
  • Food, Beverage & Agriculture: Riverside Natural Foods Ltd.
  • Manufacturing & Resources (small manufacturer): Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc.
  • Manufacturing & Resources (medium manufacturer): Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc.
  • Manufacturing & Resources (large manufacturer): Polycorp Ltd.
  • Services: Centennial College
  • Transportation Equipment: Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Emerging Exporter: NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc.
  • Leadership: Corma Inc.
  • Business Studies Student Award: Ensieh Daniali
  • Machines Italia Global Reach Award: Lofthouse Manufacturing

Canada Goose Named Exporter of the Year

The Ontario Export Awards event also acknowledges the company that makes the most significant impact on economic development through export activities.

Known for its Made-In-Canada luxury clothing, Canada Goose was recognized as the 2016 Exporter of the Year. Ontario’s economy has been lifted through the company’s establishment of new markets such as Northern Europe and India.

Canada Goose now exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Use Canadian Government Grants to Export Globally

Expanding your Canadian manufacturing business into new global markets can be a daunting task. Understanding how to find and sell to international customers can be one of the biggest hurdles in your growth, but is almost always worthwhile in the long-run. Luckily, Canadian government funding is available to finance some of the activities related to your expansion in new export markets. Consider how the following export grants could ease the financial burden, risk, and improve the ROI for your next export project:

CanExport Grants: Trade Shows in New Markets

CanExport grants allow manufacturers to increase their export marketing and international expansion activities. This program supports marketing activities that boost revenues in export markets where less than 10% or $20,000 of total international sales have been earned in the last 24 months. This covers the cost of translating marketing materials and participating in trade shows, among other export marketing projects.

Eligible projects may receive grants valued up to 50% of project expenses, with a contribution ranging from $10,000-50,000 per application.

Canadian Government Grants for Exporting

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