April 11, 2021: Royal City Half Marathon in Guelph, ON

Royal City Marathon

UPDATE: The Royal City Half Marathon has been delayed from September 13, 2020 to April 11, 2021 due to COVID-19. Read the full announcement.

Guelph has long been known as a running community. The city is home to running clubs ranging from recreational to competitive. Local legends such as Reid Coolsaet, Krista DuChene, Eric Gillis, and Taylor Milne have trained on the local roads and trails.

A handful of local 5k and 10k races draw a committed crowd to Guelph, however, there is currently no flagship event such as Hamilton’s Around the Bay, or Toronto’s Scotiabank Marathon. Our aim is to fill this gap with a Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k race event.

The Royal City Half Marathon on April 11, 2021 will draw runners from near and far to experience the vibrant, active community that is Guelph. We invite you to join us in launching this exciting inaugural race in 2021 by becoming a proud sponsor.

Our half marathon route — through the picturesque country roads of Guelph — will challenge and invigorate runners of all levels. The 5k and 10k distances will give the whole family a chance to join in the fun.

With your support, we can build an exciting and prosperous annual race that celebrates the healthy, active lifestyles of the people of Guelph, and showcases our beautiful city. It all starts with one first step.

Source: Royal City Half Marathon – Thanks to the volunteer groups for providing us with all the details!


Is running 5k, 10k, or a half marathon one of your 2021 resolutions? Register here, or with the button below.

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Sponsorship Packages

Should your business be interested in one of the tiered sponsorship packages, please direct your inquiries to: sponshorship@royalcityhalfmarathon.ca.


These events don’t happen without many dedicated volunteers. Email info@royalcitymarathon.ca to discover volunteer opportunities and updates.

The Royal City Marathon is in Mentor Works’ own backyard – we’re looking forward to seeing you in September!

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