Green Municipal Fund: Capital Projects – Apply by March 1, 2020

Apply for Green Municipal Fund: Capital Projects

The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is a Canadian government funding program that provides financial support to municipalities demonstrating an innovative solution or approach to environmental issues involving air, water, and soil quality, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Administered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the program offers four streams of funding depending on the applicant’s approach to green issues, including grants for planning, feasibility studies, and pilot projects, and repayable contributions for capital projects.

The next deadline to submit Green Municipal Fund: Capital Projects applications is March 1, 2020.

Whereas the first three streams of green funding can be applied for year-round, applicants seeking funding for capital projects must apply during one of the program’s scheduled intake periods. There are one or two intakes per year during which municipalities must submit a comprehensive application package to be considered. If you’re considering using GMF for Capital Projects funding, this article will help you understand if it’s a good fit and how to get started.

What is the Green Municipal Fund: Capital Projects Stream?

The Green Municipal Fund (GMF): Capital Projects stream focuses on replacement, building, expansion, retrofitting, or purchase and installation of fixed assets or infrastructure that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy, municipal, waste, transportation, or water. The reconditioning of brownfields (neglected, unoccupied, abandoned, or underutilized institutional, commercial, or industrial property) is also permitted for funding.

Capital projects supported through the GMF can receive up to 80% of eligible project expenses. This includes a maximum loan of $5 million and grant of up to 15% of the approved loan amount.

High-ranking projects may receive up to $10 million and a grant worth up to 15% of the loan, covering up to 80% of eligible costs.

There are five types of capital projects applicants can take part in to access green funding. They include:

  • Water Quality and Conservation;
  • Transportation and Fuel Efficiency;
  • Energy Efficiency and Recovery;
  • Waste Management and Diversion; and
  • Brownfields.

Eligible Applicants: Green Municipal Fund Capital Projects

In order to qualify for funding under the Green Municipal Fund Capital Projects stream, applicants must be one of the following:

  • Municipal Governments: Can include cities, regions, regulatory authorities, counties, rural municipalities, villages, improvement districts, towns, municipality boards, and First Nations entities.
  • Project Partners: Must collaborate with a municipal government who will lead the capital project. Can include private sector entities, municipally-owned corporations, indigenous communities, non-profits, research institutions, non-government organizations, and regional, provincial, or territorial organizations.

Eligible Activities: Green Municipal Fund Capital Projects

Each category of the Green Municipal Fund Capital Projects stream has several project initiatives that are eligible to receive Canadian government funding. These include:

Water Quality and Conservation

  • Developing new wastewater systems
  • Removing stormwater contaminants
  • Integrating more advanced septic treatment systems

Transportation and Fuel Efficiency

  • Upgrading transportation networks and commuting options
  • Reducing fossil fuel use in vehicle fleets

Energy Efficiency and Recovery

  • New construction of energy-efficient facilities
  • Improving energy recovery systems
  • Retrofitting of municipal facilities, commercial, or institutional buildings

Waste Management and Diversion

  • Developing waste stream resolutions
  • Waste diversion


  • Site redevelopment or risk management
  • Remediation of brownfield
  • Renewable energy production on brownfield site(s)

Apply for Green Municipal Fund Capital Projects Funding

For the water, transportation, energy, and waste categories there is a two-stage application process that requires applicants to complete and submit their initial review form by a specific deadline.

The next application intake deadline for most GMF capital projects is on March 1, 2020.

Application Phase One: If a project application is accepted in the pre-evaluation process, the applicant will then be provided access to a full application form that collects in-depth project plans and budgets.

Application Phase Two: If the project metrics are competitive and provide good value-for-money, applicants will receive approval and can begin to incur funding-eligible expenses.

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