Small Business Grants for Hiring Recent IT/Web/Graphic Design Grads

Government grants to hire employees

May 2016 Update: Please note that many hiring grants and wage subsidies evolve annually. To ensure your business is fully aware of its Canadian government funding options, access Mentor Works’ free Wage Subsidy Identifier tool.

$16K Hiring Grant Funding for Business Recruiting a Recent ICT Graduate

This particular hiring grant, focusing on providing new career opportunities for ICT graduates, will cover 50% of an eligible candidate’s wage, up to $16,000, for any internship that it as least 3 months in length.

The main focus of this program continues to be the subsidizing of high demand careers for unemployed or underemployed graduates that will bring passion, energy, and skills their employer. The wage subsidy will help employers meet their skill shortages while helping to create stronger ICT workers among Canada’s youth.

Positions Eligible for Small Business Grants Remain the Same, Process for Determining Eligibility Changes

Approximately 1,000 different position titles from the industry are eligible for government grants for small business support through ICTC. The titles have been divided among 23 career titles, each of which denoted by a National Occupational Classification code, or “NOC code.” Some of the more popular roles include, but are not limited to:

  •  Web Designer/Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Computer/Hardware Engineer
  • Graphic Designer/Illustrator
  • Computer and Information System Manager
  • Interactive Media Developer

To verify if your position is eligible for ICT small business funding grants, please get in touch with a government funding professional via Mentor Works’ free Wage Subsidy Identifier tool.

Get Started on Your Small Business Grants Application Today

If your business would like to begin the process of obtaining grants to hire recent graduates, the most valuable first step you can take is to access Mentor Works’ free Wage Subsidy Identifier tool. By providing some quick details about your business and position, we can present you with a range of funding options that are best suited for your unique business.

Government grants to hire employees

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