ICTC CareerConnect Small Business Grants Eligible Positions

ICTC has condensed nearly 1000 eligible positions into more than a dozen information and communications career clusters. For more information on position eligibility and qualification requirements please contact a Canadian government funding expert.

NOTE: Employees must be post-secondary graduates of a related field and permanent residents of Canada in order to be eligible to for the CareerConnect Program.

Occupation Title Other Titles Description
Telecommunication Carriers Manager Network Services Manager, Operations and Transmission Services Manager, Telecommunications Manager, and more.. • Employed by wired, wireless, satellite and other telecommunications carriers
• Establish policies concerned with developing, operating and maintaining telecommunications services
• Direct and control traffic volume & flow through subordinating tasks to technical staff
Computer and Information Systems Manager Computer Systems Manager, Data Processing Director, Software Development Manager, and more…  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of organizations that administer computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems
• Assemble and manage teams of information systems personnel to design, develop, implement, operate and administer computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems
• Recruit and supervise computer analysts, engineers, programmers, technicians and other personnel and oversee their professional development and training.
E-commerce Manager Web Communications Manager, Web Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, etc. • Directing and evaluating the activities of the sales department
• Market research and analysis
• Design, development and maintenance of internet sites, managing an organization’s online presence including PR, communications, etc.
Electrical and Electronics Engineer Avionics engineer, control systems engineer, design engineer, electrical, distribution planning engineer, electrical engineer, electrical network engineer, etc. • Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of electrical generation and distribution networks, electrical machinery and components and electronic communications, instrumentation and control systems, equipment, and components
• Prepare material cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for electrical and electronic systems and equipment
• Design electrical and electronic circuits, components, systems and equipment, etc.
Computer Engineer computer engineer, computer hardware engineer, fibre-optic network designer, and more… • Analyze user’s requirements, and design and develop system architecture and specifications
• Research, design, develop and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware such as microprocessors, integrated circuit boards and semiconductor lasers
• Develop and conduct design verification simulations and prototype bench tests of components
Information Systems Business Analyst,
Systems Security Analyst, Information Systems Quality Assurance Analyst,
Systems Auditor
IT (information technology) consultant, computer consultant, computer systems analyst, informatics consultant, informatics, and more… • Information systems business analysts and consultants confer with clients to identify and document requirements, conduct business and technical studies, design, develop, integrate and implement information systems business solutions, and provide advice on information systems strategy, policy, management, security and service delivery.
Database Analyst, Data Administrator, Database Administration Analyst Database Analyst, Database Architect, Technical Architect, and more… • Collect and document user’s requirements
• Design and develop database architecture for information systems projects
• Design, construct, modify, integrate, implement and test data models and database management systems
Software Engineer Software Designers, and more… • Collect and document user’s requirements and develop logical and physical specifications
• Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test computer-based systems
• Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and to evaluate the performance and reliability of designs
Computer Programmer Interactive Media Developers, and more… •Computer programmers write, modify, integrate and test computer code for microcomputer and mainframe software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software and communications software. •Interactive media developers write, modify, integrate and test computer code for Internet applications, computer-based training software, computer games, film, video and other interactive media.
Web Designer & Developer Web Developer, Webmaster, Internet Site Designer, and more… • Consult with clients to develop and document Web site requirements
• Prepare mock-ups and storyboards
• Develop Web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologist and Technician Communications Technologist, Electricity Distribution Network Technologist, and more… • Design, develop and test power equipment and systems, industrial process control systems, telecommunication, broadcast, recording and audiovisual systems, micro-electronic systems and circuits, computers, computer systems and networks, and computer software
• Supervise the building and testing of prototypes according to general instructions and established standards
• Conduct or supervise the installation, commissioning, and operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems other than aircraft electronics or instruments
Computer Network Technician Web Technicians
LAN Administrator, and more…
• Maintain, troubleshoot and administer the use of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), mainframe networks, computer workstations, connections to the Internet and peripheral equipment
• Evaluate and install computer hardware, networking software, operating system software and software applications
• Operate master consoles to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks and to co-ordinate access and use of computer networks
• Provide problem-solving services to network users
User Support Technician Call Centre Agent – Technical Support, Hardware Technical Support Analyst, and more… • Communicate electronically and in person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine and document problems experienced
• Consult user guides, technical manuals and other documents to research and implement solutions
• Emulate or reproduce technical problems encountered by users
• Provide advice and training to users in response to identified difficulties
Systems Testing Technicians Application Tester, Software Test Co-ordinator, and more… • Develop and document software testing plans
• Install software and hardware and configure operating system software in preparation for testing
• Execute, analyze and document results of software application tests and information and telecommunication systems tests
Author and Writer Interactive Media Writer, Copywriter, and more… • Conceive and write novels, plays, scripts, poetry and other material for publication or presentation and may conduct research to establish factual content and to obtain other necessary information.
• Technical writers analyze material, such as specifications, notes and drawings, and write manuals, user guides and other documents to explain clearly and concisely the installation, operation and maintenance of software and electronic, mechanical and other equipment.
• Copywriters study and determine selling features of products and services and write text for advertisements and commercials.
Authors and writers may specialize in a particular subject or type of writing.
Broadcast Technician Broadcast Engineer, Broadcast Transmitter Operator • Monitor broadcast quality of live and taped radio and television programs
• Operate and monitor radio and television broadcasting systems to broadcast, receive signals and to regulate clarity and range of sounds and colours of recordings or broadcasts
• Operate broadcast equipment to produce audio and video streaming broadcasts for the Internet
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Advertising designer, Animator, Graphic Artist, and more… • Consult with clients to establish the overall look, graphic elements and content of communications materials in order to meet their needs
• Determine the medium best suited to produce the desired visual effect and the most appropriate vehicle for communication
• Develop the graphic elements that meet the clients’ objectives

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