NOHFC Youth Internship & Coop Program Small Business Grants


GREAT NEWS!  While this program has been discontinued a new program offering up to $31,500 has replaced it.  Learn more about Ontario business grants for Northern Ontario Internship Program.

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) offers small business grants for hiring recent graduates and students of up to $27,000 through a very popular program called The Youth Internship and Coop Program.

Northern Ontario Business Grants for Hiring

Ontario small business grants for hiring recent graduates offered through NOHFC are conditional grants with different amounts of funding offered depending on the employment arrangement and the employer, as follows:

  • Employers that hire a post-secondary student from Northern Ontario will be eligible to receive a wage-subsidy of up to $6.00 per hour or a maximum of 50% of the employee’s wage,
  • NOHFC will offer Ontario business grants for hiring to the tune of 50% of the employee’s salary or a maximum of $27,000 annually to private sector employers for hiring a post-secondary graduate from Northern Ontario.
  • Public Sector employers will be offered up to 90% of the employee’s wage (maximum of $27,000 annually) through small business grants for hiring Northern Ontario graduates.

Ontario Government Grants for Hiring Additional Information

NOHFC Ontario grants for small businesses in Northern Ontario will be paid out on a 4-month term basis for coop students. Internships are expected to last 1 year in duration and will be paid out every 3 months. All students and graduates must be 29 years of age or younger in order to participate in the program.

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