Canadian Food Exporters Association (CFEA) Trade Shows in 2016-17

Canadian Government Funding to Attend International Food Trade Shows

Ontario has the second largest food and beverage manufacturing sector in North America and continues to grow year-over-year. The sector generates over $41 billion in annual revenue, of which over $7.6 billion is received from exports to other countries around the world. Growing food exports have helped to maintain Canada’s competitiveness among international food and beverage manufacturers, however there is still significant room to grow exports within the sector.

One way that manufacturers can increase their exports is by participating in international trade shows. Attending trade shows can help businesses to judge the suitability of new markets while also making connections with potential customers.

Businesses operating in the food and beverage manufacturing sector should evaluate ongoing trade show opportunities as part of their overall business strategy. Fortunately, the Canadian Food Exporters Association (CFEA) helps to connect Canadian food and beverage companies to these export opportunities.

Upcoming Trade Shows for Canadian Agricultural Processors

The Canadian Food Exporters Association (CFEA) is committed to the international success of Canadian food and beverage companies. The industry association dedicates itself to increasing global sales and demand for Canadian products. In addition to other programs and services, CFEA organizes and provides members with unparalleled access to international trade shows to help develop export relationships.

Canadian manufacturers can access the following trade events in 2016 and 2017 by registering through CFEA’s website:

Access Canadian Government Funding to Reduce Trade Show Expenses

Canadian food and beverage processors may receive Canadian government grants to offset many of the costs related to trade show participation. Small business funding can help pay for booth rentals and trade show fees, economy travel and per diem costs for up to two employees, and the development of marketing materials (including translation services).

Agri-Marketing Grants for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Agri-Marketing is a federal government funding initiative that enables businesses in the agriculture, agri-food, fish, and seafood sectors to develop new international markets.

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) may receive up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum $50,000 per year for activities such as participating in trade shows or trade missions, conducting market research, and developing marketing materials for foreign markets. Eligible businesses must be incorporated, employ fewer than 250 full-time staff, and generate less than $50 million in worldwide sales.

Canadian Government Grants for Exporting

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