York Tech Alliance Seminar – SmartGrid Informational Session

The York Tech Alliance has an upcoming breakfast seminar in regards to Ontario’s implementation of SmartGrid technologies for power distribution and regulation. The event will host guest speakers from PowerStream to discuss their Government Funded development of the “Smarter Grid”, and how it would promise to meet the needs of the businesses and consumers in the area. They will also present some of the benefits and challenges regarding the transformation of Ontario’s electricity distribution network and how the implementation and development of these technologies would affect the businesses of the area.

When: 7:30am – 9:30am 7 February, 2012

Where: The Markham Convergence Centre – Showcase Room – 7271 Warden Ave.

Background Information

Ontario’s Electricity Industry is currently passing through a major transition in regards to the regulation and provisions of their services to businesses and consumers. Ontario’s legislature passed the Green Energy Act in 2009 to attract new investments and establish Ontario as North America’s renewable energy leader. The Green Energy Act looks to promote green power generation and implement a functioning SmartGrid energy distribution system in Ontario. Many businesses have been given government funding for research and development to improve the smart technologies to make them even more efficient and user friendly. These initiatives have built on the past initiatives of the McGuinty government to eliminate coal-fired power generation in Ontario by 2014. This is one of the largest climate change initiatives that is currently taking place in Canada.

Register for this Event

The York Technology Alliance is currently accepting online registration for this event through their website. The seminar will provide businesses with an opportunity to learn about Smart Technologies and participate in discussions on alternative methods and processes to improve energy efficiency.

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