AAFC Anticipates a Strong 2014 for Canadian Agricultural Sector

Highlights Included in AAFC’s Release

  • Contrary to the contrary belief that weather conditions have been unfavorable, 2013 saw Canadian farmers produce a record grain crop in 2013.
  • Average incomes earned by farm families is rising steadily, expected to top $130,000 in 2014 while the average net worth per farm is expected to hit a record of $2 million.
  • Prices for grains, oil seeds, cattle, and hog prices are all expected to remain high.

Local Food Fund to Help Improve Access to & Awareness of Local Food in Ontario

The Local Food Fund is supporting innovative projects aimed at increasing awareness of and demand for local food in Ontario. With $10 million per year available to award, the Local Food Fund takes care of 50% of eligible project costs while stacking of Federal funds may yield 75% funding through government grants and loans for agriculture.  For profit, not for profit, and public organizations are eligible for funding. Read more about the Local Food Fund.

Local Food Fund Ontario Government Grants 2014 Deadlines

2014 Local Food Fund deadlines occur on the last day of every other month. Deadlines for 2014 include February 28, April 31, June 30, etc.

Stay Connected with Mentor Works for Agricultural Grants and Loans Selection and Application Services

Mentor Works has helped dozens of agriculture and agri-food processing businesses select and access hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in government funding money. If you have an established agricultural-based business sign up to attend a Free Canadian government funding workshop in person, or schedule a dedicated Webinar outlining Funding Options for Agriculture and Agri-food businesses in Canada.

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