Ag Action Manitoba Government Funding Deadline

Ag Action Manitoba is a suite of government funding programs designed to support agricultural producers, processors, industry associations, and industry service providers. It offers multiple streams of Manitoba agriculture grants, including one specifically for Capital Assets and Equipment projects. This stream is ideal for agricultural processors and industry service providers such as food distributors and licensed commercial kitchens that purchase innovative production equipment.

Agricultural processors with project budgets under $1 million must apply by scheduled intake dates. The next intake deadline is May 15, 2019. Applications with project budgets exceeding $1M are accepted on a continuous basis.

To get started, Manitoba businesses are encouraged to develop a comprehensive application package that includes a program application form and financial details from the company’s previous fiscal year. All documents are reviewed by Manitoba Agriculture to ensure that the most competitive projects are selected for funding. Companies must receive application approval prior to incurring funding-eligible expenses.

About the Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment Program

The Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment program is uniquely positioned to support agri-food and agri-product processors (as well as industry service providers) that invest in new value-adding technologies. Through the program, applicants can offset a portion of project expenses as they introduce technologies into their business that help drive production and reduce waste.

There are two levels of support offered through the program, which are dependent on the project’s budget. This includes:

  1. Investments Under $1 Million: Ideal for small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 500 employees, these types of capital and equipment investments are meant to scale-up production and improve productivity. Applicants can receive a grant up to 25% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $50,000 per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31) and a maximum $100,000 over the lifetime of the program. These projects must have a minimum budget of $10,000 to be considered. Projects can last up to 12 months.
  2. Investments Over $1 Million: Ideal for medium and large applicants, these types of capital and equipment investments are meant to address environmental sustainability initiatives. Applicants can receive a grant up to 25% of project expenses for the first $100,000 invested; company contributions exceeding $100,000 can receive cost-sharing support of 10% to a combined maximum of $2.5 million in equipment grants. Projects can last up to 24 months.

Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment: Applicant Eligibility

To qualify for the Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment program, applicants must be an agri-processor (including agri-food and agri-product processors and abattoirs) or an industry service provider (including food distributors and licensed commercial kitchens).

Applicants must also:

  • Transform agri-products into end products through value-added activities (food processors only);
  • Have a Manitoba Premises Identification Number (abattoirs only); and
  • Demonstrate financial sustainability through their balance sheet and income statement from the previous year.

Projects Eligible for Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment Grants

There are three types of projects that qualify for this stream of Ag Action Manitoba government funding. They include:

  • Purchasing equipment that transforms raw inputs into value-added goods and brings new technologies or products into the production process;
  • Capturing value from waste products; and
  • Addressing the treatment and purification of wastewater.

How to Apply for Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment Grants

There are two ways that the Ag Action Manitoba Capital Assets and Equipment stream accepts applications. Proposals for investments over $1 million (or any proposals from industry service providers) are accepted year-round. Alternately, proposals for investments under $1 million should be aligned to one of the program’s posted intake periods.

The upcoming intake period for projects with budgets under $1 million is May 15, 2019. All applications must be received by this deadline or will be considered during the next intake.

To apply, companies must develop an application package that includes the program’s standardized application form and supplemental information like financial details. Submissions are assessed against the program’s evaluation criteria and other applications submitted during the intake. Only the most competitive applications will receive funding.

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