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Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program

The five-year $163 million CAAP program has the objective  to support new and emerging issues to seize opportunities in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector’s. The  government purpose is to advantage of circumstances to develop new products, ideas, technology, niche or market opportunity to the benefit the Ag sector.

Although delivered nationally by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, it is flexible enough to be administered regionally in every province by Industry Councils. The beauty of this program is that it allows business leaders, organizations and associations to examine exploratory technology and review advancing process techniques. The CAAP allows industry to quickly adapt to changes and capture new opportunities to the benefit of the sector. The program allows Canadians to respond to the different issues and emerging trends based on the vast changes in the development of the sector, such as climate and soil conditions, from one region to another. The project-based funding must demonstrate the potential for economic viability with involvement from partners or farmers.

Eligible Projects

The CAAP approach is to support the agriculture industry by pro-actively piloting solutions for the testing of ideas or new methods to see the effectiveness of new strategies. It provides a way for partners, associations or the business community to examine different options to remain competitive and plan for the future. Although, basic research activities are excluded, it is an optimal funding program to support pathfinding and prove technology prior to commercialization with a specific application in view.

Eligible Activities

The CAAP will be in the form of a grant (i.e. up to $100,000) or repayable contribution with the maximum level of total government funding for projects generally not exceeding 85%. Eligible activities include: capital expenditures (<25% of total project costs), incremental labor costs and cost of goods, supplies, additional rental of facilities, production of materials and minor assets.

Call for Proposals

The Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (2009-2014) has a call out for proposals to July 21, 2011 with a decision in early September 2011 on approvals. If you are confident in a solution to support an industry-led Ag opportunity, Mentor Works would be pleased to work with you through the application phase. Forms and deadlines can be found at the Agricultural Adaptation Council as well.


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