B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund: Up to $180M in Funding Available

The B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) provides funding for capital projects in all regions in B.C., particularly in communities adversely impacted by economic downturns. This program will assist manufacturing companies to modernize, innovate, and grow.  

With up to $180 million to be awarded the B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) program is open as of February 28, 2023 and it will remain open for two years or until all funds are allocated. 

Although the MJF program is accepting applications from all manufacturing sectors, the focus is on helping the forestry sector retrofit and develop new value-added business lines that reduce reliance on old-growth logging and make innovative use of biomaterials. 

Funding Snapshot: B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF)  

The B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) has been designed to support investment and innovation in British Columbia’s manufacturing sector, with a core focus on the forestry industry which has seen large staff reductions across the province in the past year.  

“These investments for rural B.C. will help create sustainable, secure, good-paying jobs. Our whole province benefits when local workers and their families can build good lives in the rural communities they call home. The money’s going to go where it’s needed most, to areas that have experienced economic impacts from changes in the forestry sector.” 
– David Eby, Premier of British Columbia 

The MJF program reflects the B.C. government’s ongoing commitment to promote economic diversification and complements other supports for manufacturing, forestry workers, and rural communities.  

Funding Amount  

MJF has two funding streams: Project Readiness and Capital Investment. The streams support different stages of  capital projects.  

Stream 1 – Project Readiness 

  • Support final-stage business and project planning, including operational and technical assessments; 
  • Maximum funding per project is $50,000; and 
  • Covers up to 50% of total eligible project costs. 

Eligible Activities 

  • Developing a business case to expand operations or diversify product lines; and 
  • Conducting an operational or technical assessment to improve processes or introduce new technology.  

  Stream 2 – Capital Investment 

  • Invest in new or renovated manufacturing infrastructure, technology, equipment, and processes, including renovating idle industrial buildings such as an unused mill site; 
  • Projects may receive funding amounts from $100,000u to $10,000,000; 
  • The program will contribute an average of 20% of total eligible project costs; 
  • Projects must be started within one year of approval; 
  • Funding will be paid out in installments as milestones are achieved; and 
  • Applicants must submit project documentation that outline the project budget, other funding sources, and demonstrate project viability. 


  • Building or expanding a manufacturing facility; 
  • Upgrading equipment or machinery to support new product lines; 
  • Adopting innovative processes to manufacture value-added forestry products from biomass or other alternatives; 
  • Retrofitting a processing facility to expand or adopt new technology and processes; and 
  • Improving fabrication processes. 

Eligible Applicants  

Eligible applicants include: 

  • Businesses;  
  • For-profit organizations; 
  • Entities with for-profit manufacturing operations, including Indigenous and First Nation-owned enterprises; and 
  • First Nations and Indigenous-owned enterprises that are preparing to fully acquire or buy into an established manufacturing operation may be eligible to receive funding. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for MJF funding: 

  • Be registered to do business in B.C.; 
  • Operate in the manufacturing sector(i.e., Create products using industrial or mass production processes); 
  • Have established operations (at the proposed project location or elsewhere); 
  • Have an established employee base; 
  • Be in a viable financial position, for example:   
  • Not in foreclosure or for sale; 
  • Financial records that show current or projected growth, profits, and/or ability to pay off short-term debts; 
  • A business plan that shows projected growth. 

“Innovation in manufacturing and the value-added processing sector across rural B.C. has a huge impact on our province’s clean and sustainable economy. This program helps support expansion of innovation and builds resiliency in our high-value resource sector both for now and for generations to come.” 
– Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development 

Eligible Projects  

The B.C. Manufacturing Jobs Fund will focus on projects with these goals: 

  • Invest in high-value, high-growth manufacturing sectors; 
  • ontribute to clean, inclusive growth, and economic resilience and diversification, particularly in regional and Indigenous communities;   
  • Support innovation and sustainability in the forestry value-added sector; 
  • Create and maintain family-supporting jobs; 
  • Leverage other funding sources and bring investment into B.C.; and  
  • Boost productivity, strengthen supply chains, and drive competitiveness in domestic and international markets. 

Eligible capital projects must: 

  • Be in B.C.; 
  • Contribute to long-term regional economic growth, sustainability, and/or diversity; 
  • Be financially viable and leverage existing market demand;  
  • Create, maintain, or diversify job opportunities for local workers;  
  • Have a high degree of readiness and bring direct benefits to communities; and  
  • Demonstrate alignment with program goals. 

Eligible project costs must be essential to project delivery, including: 

  • Capital expenditures such as equipment, machinery, technology, and construction materials; 
  • Wage or contract costs for net new and project-specific labour; 
  • Material transportation costs; and 
  • Installation and implementation costs. 


The program began accepting applications on February 28, 2023, and it will remain open to applicants for approximately two years or until all funds are allocated. 

Government Funding for Western Canada Businesses 

Western Canada government funding programs support a variety of strategic business projects such as research and development, business expansion, hiring and training, and capital investment. Companies that are proactive and apply for funding prior to beginning their projects may access grants and loans that boost company investments and greatly enhance the success of their projects. 

Other available government funding programs for British Columbia businesses include the Business Scale-up and Productivity Program – British Columbia and the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).  

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