Belgium and Canada collaborate on incentive for interactive digital media

belgiumAccording to a recent news release from the Canada Media Fund (CMF), the Canadian media support organization is teaming up with “Wallimage” of Belgium to establish a funding incentive to promote co-development and co-production of interactive digital media projects between the people of Belgium and Canada.

The Canada Media Fund has Allocated More than $1 Billion Since 2010

As Mentor Works mentioned in an update on the Canada Media Fund, CMF is a not-for-profit organization that has pledged close to $1 billion in funding to 1,702 Canadian media projects which include the production of television programs, and the development, production and marketing of interactive, digital media content and software applications.

“Wallimage”: Wallonia, Belgium’s Public Financing Arm of Audiovisual Sector

Wallimage is the public financing arm of the audiovisual sector in Wallonia. Wallimage supports local talent by attracting A-list international co-productions set in Southern Belgium.

Canada Media Fund’s Collaboration with Belgium Opens up Opportunity for Both Countries

CMF’s coverage of the announcement included an excerpt from CMF’s President and CEO who had the following to say about the partnership:

“The CMF is delighted to be working with Wallimage to present an opportunity for Canadian and Belgian producers to partner and create interactive digital content that resonates with audiences in Canada and around the world. We look forward to a successful working relationship that will deliver new compelling content from talented producers in both countries.” –Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF

The Canada –Wallonia Digital Media Incentive for Multiplatform Projects is set at $600K CAD

Projects looking to apply to this Canada-Wallonia Digital Media Incentive for Multiplatform Projects will see each partner contribute half of the total amount of $600,000 CAD. To qualify, projects will have to be “digital interactive content, explore a transmedia approach to content production, innovative or experimental, and be developed on appropriate platforms with regards to content and audiences,” states CMF.

CMF Canada –Wallonia Digital Media Incentive is Receiving Applications until February 2, 2015

This incentive is receiving applications from now until February 2, 2015. Each application will be assessed by the CMF, Wallimage as well as an industry expert. Learn more about this unique incentive program.

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