CAAIN Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program

CAAIN’s 2022 Smart Farms Program Now Open

The Canadian Agri-food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) has opened their 2022 intake period for the Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program. This program provides grant funding towards partnership projects in support of research and development that accelerates the adoption of automation and robotics in Canada’s agriculture sector.

The Canadian Agri-food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) is dedicating $5 Million towards grant incentives for the Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program.

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Funding Amount: 

CAAIN will reimburse eligible Smart Farms Program projects up to 40% of the total eligible supported expenses, to a maximum of $3 Million.

Agribusiness Partnership Eligibility:  

All businesses eligible for funding through CAAIN’s 2022 Smart Farms Program must meet each of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your project team must include at least two small or medium enterprises (SME) incorporated in Canada. SMEs are defined by Statistics Canada as businesses with 499 or fewer employees.
  • Financial (cash) contributions by at least two SMEs from the project team. Financial contributions may also come from MNEs (multinational enterprise) or not-for-profit organizations to achieve the minimum 60% industry cash contribution. 
  • All funded projects are required to pay CAAIN administration fee equal to 4% of the total eligible supported expenses. These fees will be deducted from each approved claim prior to reimbursement to the Project Lead.  

Eligible Projects:

The 2022 Smart Farms Program supports partnerships that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Test and validate new agricultural technologies in Canada under operational conditions;
  • Demonstrate applications of technology to local producers, consultants, vendors, investors, etc.;
  • Educate and train the skilled workforce needed to use, maintain, and extend the technologies; and
  • Further the development of smart farm technologies to accelerate automation and robotics in the agricultural sector. 

Apply for the Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program:

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis, with an invitation from expression of interest (EOI) to full application occurring once per quarter. Projects can begin after approval notice and the maximum project length is 3 years. For application assistance with the CAAIN Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program, speak with a Mentor Works professional grant writer to find out if your business qualifies to receive funding through this program.

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