Develop New Agri-Tech with the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program

As part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the $163-million Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) was designed to help Canadian agricultural firms adapt to new and emerging issues in the industry by developing and conducting pilot test on new technologies and innovations related to the agricultural sector.

Eligibility Factors

CAAP focuses on projects that seize opportunities and respond to emerging agricultural issues by developing pilot solutions or innovations. Also, total Canadian government funding related to the project cannot exceed 85% of the project costs. CAAP will provide Canadian business grants of up to 50% or $100,000 of eligible costs, whichever is less. Projects must end before March 31, 2014.

Applicable Expenses

According to the CAAP Application Guide, eligible expenses include:

  • Incremental cost of goods, supplies, and all related shipping or transportation costs;
  • Incremental labour costs such as salaries, benefits, and specific per diem fees;
  • Incremental costs for rental or lease of facilities, equipment or machinery;
  • Hospitality and travel costs within Treasury Board Guidelines;
  • Minor assets, such as computers, less than $10,000 per-item, if they are specifically required for the execution of a project and are approved in advance in writing by AAFC;
  • Production of materials required to complete the project including printing, translation and production of materials in the second official language, if required;
  • Capital expenditures that do not exceed 25% of the total project contribution which are specifically required for the execution and performance of the project and that are approved in advance in writing by AAFC; and,
  • Direct incremental administrative costs as long as they are clearly outlined by cost item.

Apply for this Government Funding for Business

Interested parties can apply by completing and submitting the CAAP application form. If you would like assistance with the CAAP application process or have any questions about the program, please contact Mentor Works. Also, be sure to browse other Research & Development Funding Programs available to small businesses in Canada.

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