Canada Cultural Spaces Fund: Up to $15M for Infrastructure Improvements

Canada Cultural Spaces Fund: Up to $15M for Infrastructure Improvements

The Government of Canada announced in Budget 2017 that an additional $300M would be available over a 10-year period to further support the development of creative hubs (multi-tenant facilities that bring together professionals from a range of arts or heritage sectors and creative initiatives that offer programming to the public) and cultural spaces.

Branching from this investment was the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF), which is a $54M federal government funding program that provides support for projects that improve the physical condition of arts and heritage collaboration, creation, presentation, and exhibition spaces. These infrastructure improvements should also increase access to Canadian arts and culture.

Depending on the project, applicants may receive up to $15M in funding for their cultural infrastructure projects.

These creative hubs are meant for collaboration, where professionals can create, innovate, and generate new markets for Canadian originality and individuality. The program uses the term “creative disciplines,” which includes (but is not limited to) graphic and fashion design, television, photography, and music. In addition to the creative hubs, CCSF will continue to invest in traditional arts and heritage facilities, such as theatres, museums, and performing arts centres.

Funding Amounts: Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

The amount of funding awarded varies on the project type taking place:

  • Up to 50% funding for a maximum of $15M for construction & renovation projects;
  • Up to 50% funding to a maximum of $5M for specialized equipment projects;
  • Up to 50% funding to a maximum of $500k for feasibility study projects; and
  • Up to 75% for rural and underserved communities.

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

Interested applicants for the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund should be:

  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Provincial Territories and Municipalities;
  • First Nations and other Indigenous communities/organizations;
  • Broader Public Sector Organizations (i.e., hospitals, school boards, colleges, and universities); and

In addition, all applicants must own the project facilities or have a minimum of a 10-year lease.

Activity Eligibility: Funding for Cultural Infrastructure

Projects that may receive Canadian government funding include:

  • Acquisition of specialized equipment;
  • Construction and/or renovation of arts and/or heritage facilities, or creative hubs; and
  • Development of feasibility studies for the construction or renovation of arts and/or heritage facilities, or creative hubs.

Multi-year projects are eligible but must be completed by March 31, 2029.

Ineligible Activities

In contrast, there are activities that are not eligible to receive funding from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund. These include:

  • Design or production of exhibition;
  • Purchase or installation of stand-alone art;
  • Historic building projects not linked to arts or heritage programming; and
  • Exterior renovations of property not owned by applicant.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Funding Journey?

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund has an ongoing application intake until funding is depleted.

If you align with the applicant and project eligibility criteria and would like to discuss the program further, please contact Mentor Works. We’ll be alongside you from start to finish to make sure you optimize the application process and have the highest chance of achieving funding success.

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