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Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Ending Early. What Now?  

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), intended to support businesses aiming to navigate the digital age, announced the abrupt closure of its Boost Your Business Technology grant applications. 

The Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada move came as a surprise, stifling countless digital transformation aspirations. In this article, we uncover CDAP’s closure and offer alternate avenues of funding businesses can access to begin their digital transformation journey. 

Unveiling CDAP’s Premature Closure 

Initially launched with the vision of propelling Canadian businesses into the digital age, CDAP found itself overwhelmed with applications, resulting in an abrupt and premature shutdown. Communications to digital advisors on February 16 and 19, 2024, disclosed that the program had hit its subscription limit, highlighting the intense demand for digital upgrades among Canadian businesses. Although new applications were halted, businesses with approved grant agreements found solace in guaranteed ongoing support, including access to a BDC 0% interest loan and a youth wage subsidy for implementation. 

“We were caught off guard by the abrupt halt,” a spokesperson admitted, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to guiding businesses through the remaining stages of the program. 

The CDAP website now re-directs organizations approved for the grant to contact Couch & Associates, offering hope for those still navigating the digital adoption journey. 

Challenges and Questions for CDAP’s Legacy 

While CDAP aspired to assist 160,000 businesses with a $4 billion budget, it fell short due to low uptake and confusion amongst entrepreneurs. Critics highlight the program’s complexity and ethical concerns about consultants’ roles as significant hurdles. However, the premature closure, with significant funds remaining unspent, raises questions about the future of digital adoption initiatives in Canada.  

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the CDAP’s story is a compelling chapter in Canada’s digital saga. It marks the appetite for digital transformation within the business sector and the need for streamlined, accessible support mechanisms.  

CDAP Is Closing… What are Some Other Options? 

While CDAP closing might be an obstacle for businesses that were hoping to secure funding for their digital transformation projects, we would like to assure businesses that there are plenty of other funding programs available in Canada. We encourage interested parties to browse through our Funding Directory page to find relevant grant programs that can cover costs across different avenues of their business, regardless of the industry.  

Our free Canadian Business Funding Guide also provides businesses insight into how to speed up discovering, qualifying, and understanding the application process for government funding programs. Download it today! 

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