Canada 3.0: World-Class Keynotes, Canadian Government Funding, & More!

CDMN eventCanada 3.0 is an annual conference presented by Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN).   We are getting closer to the event, held on May 14th and 15th, while exciting announcements from CDMN on its lineup continue to be released on an almost daily basis.

Canadian government funding on the agenda at Canada 3.0

Some of the highlights of this year’s conference that make it a not-to-be-missed-event include:

  • World-class keynotes (execs from Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube and best-selling thought leaders Jane McGonigal, Chris Anderson, Club Penguin co-founder Lane Merrifield and more).
  • Breakout sessions and workshops where attendees will connect with leaders from financial services, telecommunications, banks and Canadian government funding.
  • Mentoring opportunities on May 15. Connect one-on-one with entrepreneurs and innovators who have secured government grants for small business and other funding, and have successfully grown their business and/or achieved international success.
  • On the evening of May 13, we have a TVO-sponsored film screening and Q&A with the co-producer of Side by Side; Girls in Tech is hosting a pre-event reception on the 13th, and Startup Drinks is holding a special Canada 3.0 version of their event on May 15th.

Register for Canada 3.0 as a Small Business Start-up

Whether you are looking for support via private or Canadian small business grants and loans opportunities, or you are in need of some help in promoting you latest product or service release Canada 3.0 is a great place to get noticed.

  • Just $250 for registration for the full two-day conference, or $350 including a tabletop booth in our Innovation Alley, on the show floor
  • Connect with fellow Start-ups, international and national business leaders across multiple sectors, and promote your latest product or service release.

Canada 3.0 for Medium-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized companies stand to benefit a great deal from attending this conference, here are just a few:

  • Network with industry leaders at breakout sessions
  • Connect with commercialization resources from across Canada and around the world
  • Showcase your company’s cool technology
  • Raise your game with mentoring sessions with execs from other SMEs who have successfully faced the same business challenges you do.
  • Connect with a Canadian government funding expert

What Canada 3.0 Has to Offer Large Enterprises and Multinationals

Everyone has something to gain from attending Canada 3.0.  Here is what we hear some of the major benefits on the top of the minds of those from large enterprises and multinationals that attend the event.

  • Connect with prospective employees
  • Explore new technologies and services from Start-ups and peers
  • Cement your authority in the digital media space by sponsoring or exhibiting.

Canada 3.0:  Where Government Connects with Small Business, Mid-size companies and even MNC’s

Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans Representatives, and other government officials have shown great interest in Canada 3.0.  Some of the benefits they enjoy from this event include:

  • Gain grassroots insight into industry at home and abroad
  • Connect with Canadian business leaders from companies of all sizes and multiple sectors
  • Explore the latest in ICT and mobile on display in our Interactive Showcase.

Why Students are Attending Canada 3.0

bigstock-Casual-group-of-excited-friend-13870019Students across eastern Canada are looking to:

  •  Uncover career opportunities, and/or make promising connections
  • Develop a better understanding of international business from leaders in the Netherlands, Japan and Brazil.
  • Attend an exclusive film-screening, and see amazing keynotes from the leaders of where they live online.

Not Just for Small and Medium-sized Business:  Canada 3.0 Also Benefits Academia

It may interest you to know that academic representatives from major Canadian post-secondary institutions will also be in attendance.  Why you may ask?  They will be here to:

  • Make strategic connections to commercialize research projects
  • Connect with industry looking to solve real-world business challenges with your solutions
  • Highlight your institution’s leadership in academic and business sectors.

Ticket Prices for Canada 3.0 Digital Media Conference in Toronto

Full conference pass: $549

Not-for-profit and government pricing: $499

One-day pass: $299

Start-up and Student pricing: $250

Contact drew@sponsorshipcanada.com for details on the limited opportunities still available for sponsorship.

Register today!

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