Canadian Government Grants for Hiring Persons with Disabilities

The Canadian Government has introduced several funding grants for small business in Ontario to improve workplace accessibility and hire skilled persons with disabilities. Many of these programs are part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to help improve the labour market opportunities and conditions for Canadians with disabilities.

Opportunities Fund – Wage Subsidies and Grants for Persons with Disabilities

The Opportunities Fund for People with Disabilities provides individuals and local organizations with business funding grants to support unemployed or under-employed people with disabilities. The $30M initiative can be offered through two separate streams:

  • Stream 1 – Funding Support For Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs: Eligible candidates will receive government funding support to compensate participants for the costs of living, specialized service, as well as tuition or training to start a successful new venture.
  • Stream 2 – Wage Subsidies for Small Business Hiring: Businesses and non-profits can receive up to three years of wage subsidy funding as well as workplace accessibility modifications to accommodate newly hired employees with disabilities.

Ontario Government Grants for Small Business Assistive Technologies

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) provides Ontario grant funding for small business and non-profit organizations with work environments that are inaccessible to employees or clientele with disabilities. The program provides a maximum of $50k in project funding towards building additions and technologies that would remove barriers and improve the persons with disabilities. Eligible projects may include:

  • Elevator or lift installation;
  • Interior or exterior ramp construction;
  • Modified and automated door openings;
  • Accessible sinks, counters, and washrooms;
  • Voice enabled software or other hands-free devices; and
  • Vehicle lift modifications.

Find More Canadian Government Grants for New Employee Hiring

Individuals who would like to learn more about receiving funding support through wage subsidies and hiring grants can reach out to a Government Funding Planner. To get started, use the online Wage Subsidy Identifier tool to tell us more about your upcoming hiring plans. From there, we can customize a tailored selection of programs to best support your recruitment objectives.

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  1. Do you know if there is a program or grant similar to this in British Columbia? We are looking/talking about opening a garden/marketplace and I think this would be a wonderful training and work environment for persons with disabilities to work. Thanks for your time!

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