New CAP Alberta Value-Added Intake to Support Growth in Food & Bio-Industrial Businesses

The Alberta government continues to support agriculture producers and processors with a new funding intake for the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Alberta (CAP) Value-Added Program.

Through the Value-Added Program, Alberta is supporting projects that promote innovation and efficiency in the value-added food and bio-industrial processing industry. The goal is to create jobs in Alberta, increase sales for businesses, develop new products or processes for global markets, and encourage investment and new market pursuits.

Funding Amount

Supporting growth in the value-added agriculture industry can be costly, which is why programs like the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Alberta (CAP) Value-Added Program can present great opportunities for businesses in Alberta. Successful applicants may receive the following funding amounts for their projects:

  • Up to 25% funding for capital expenses;
  • Up to 50% funding for non-capital expenses;
  • Eligible non-capital expenses capped at a maximum of $50,000; or
  • Maximum total grant funding at $250,000 per government fiscal year.

To learn more about agriculture programs in Alberta, visit our CAP Alberta program page for more information.

Eligible Applicants

Not all agricultural businesses in Alberta will be eligible for this program. However, if businesses meet the following criteria, they may be eligible for funding:

  • Must be a food and bio-industrial processor operating out of Alberta with a minimum of $100K in annual revenues; and
  • Must have the necessary capacity (including financial and other resources) to complete project activities.

Eligible Activities

Businesses applying for the CAP Value-Added Program should be working on business activities that meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Expanding the processing capacity of their facilities to generate more efficient outputs;
  • Implementing protocols and systems that will assist in food safety improvement for their value-added products;
  • Implementing new product and process developments that will help improve the overall quality of output; or
  • Working on activities for market development and access to new markets with high potential.

If the CAP Value-Added Program is not a good fit for your business, don’t worry. There are many other government funding programs available to businesses in Canada’s agriculture sector. To learn more about the top opportunities available, visit our Canadian Agribusiness Funding Programs directory for a list of popular programs.

Program Timelines

The current intake for the CAP Value-Added program closes on May 24th, 2022, and may cover costs incurred as of January 1, 2022. Please note that projects must be completed by March 1, 2023, and that applications may take up to 23 weeks to be approved from date of submission.

Government Funding for Agriculture

Government funding programs, like Alberta small business grants, present incredible opportunities for Canadian businesses to leverage grants, loans, and tax credits for significant growth and development. To learn more about the top government funding programs in Canada, visit our comprehensive government funding directory for a list of the top programs available.

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