Aviation & Aerospace Career Focus Small Business Grants for Hiring

bigstock-Airline-pilot-wearing-uniform--43900501Originally founded in 1991 as a sector council to serve the aviation industry, the Canadian Council of Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA) updated its name in 2010 to reflect its involvement in Aerospace as well as Aviation. CCAA has two main areas of focus: (1) skills development, and (2) industry demographics (supply and demand for particular skills).

Canadian Council of Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA) Career Focus Small Business Grants Details

Sectoral Councils, such as CCAA, offer the Career Focus Program  small business grants as an initiative to provide on-the-job training for young graduates of post-secondary schools.  The CCAA Career Focus Program, is open to companies who are in the aviation maintenance and aerospace manufacturing business. As a government sponsored distributor of funding, CCAA manages and administers the project, assesses employers and participants, signs agreements with employers, and is responsible for overall financial management.

Employee – Career Focus Government Grants for Small Business Eligibility

The Career Focus program offered through CCAA provides a wage subsidy of up to $17,000, or (50% of their wage), to hire new graduates such as pilots, AMTs, HR, CSR’s, etc. Companies can hire young people who meet the following:

  • Recent graduate of a post-secondary institution.
  • Between the ages of 15-30
  • Not receiving employment insurance.
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, a permanent resident, or a person who has been granted refugee status in Canada
  • Must be legally entitled to work in Canada

Employer – Career Focus Small Business Grants Canada Eligibility

Employers must to meet the following requirements to receive small business grants Canada:

  • Inform potential participant of what participation in the program would entail, and retain agreement from participants;
  • Use non-subjective eligibility criteria to establish eligibility of participant (based on the criteria listed above);
  • Provide participant an opportunity for full-time work (i.e. at least 30 hours per week) for a minimum of 4 months;
  • Provide proof of employment, start date, contract with participant, full wage and benefits of participant, and a participant learning plan to the recipient sponsor;
  • Have a nepotism policy in place regarding participants;
  • Provide data to recipient sponsor as required.

NOTE:  Only 1 employee can be hired using this program per company.

Find Out More about CCAA Small Business Grants for Hiring

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