CERRC Program: $300M in Funding for Canadian Clean Energy Projects

Natural Resources Canada (NRC) has committed to improving community access to federal clean energy funding and resources. To accomplish this goal, the NRC has invested an additional $300 million until 2027 for clean energy projects in Indigenous, rural, and remote communities across Canada. This funding is being realized via the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) program.

“The federal government is committed to improving community access to clean energy funding and moving towards Indigenous Climate Leadership. To make funding more accessible and to improve the experience for communities, multiple departments are coordinating and changing the way we work.”

The CERRC offers financial support for sustainable energy sources, as well as projects that aim to improve the capabilities of clean energy technologies and their efficiencies for Indigenous, rural, and remote communities across the nation. CERRC aims to lower fossil fuel dependency for heating and electricity by stimulating more renewable energy sources for local communities.

Both the economy and community benefit from green energy initiatives. Through investments in clean energy solutions, Indigenous communities receive an important bridge to energy security, reconciliation, and further economic opportunities.

Funding Amount

The Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) program offers eligible applicants with funding for community clean energy training, planning, and projects. There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding. To learn more about this program, visit their webpage for a comprehensive review.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants for this program may be eligible if they are located in Canada and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Is a member of a First Nations, Inuit, or Métis community;
  • Corporations and organizations focused on development projects;
  • Canadian businesses;
  • Canadian not-for-profit organizations; or
  • Provincial, territorial, regional, or municipal government bodies.

Eligible Activities

In order to receive funding from CERRC, an applicant must be proposing an eligible project activity. The following project types may be eligible for funding:

  • Projects that focus on implementing renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and energy storage;
  • Initiatives centred on capacity building such as training and skills development, energy planning, and feasibility studies;
  • Energy efficiency projects that focus on improvements via emerging technologies, equipment efficiencies, and energy audits; and
  • Heating projects that utilize geothermal, solar thermal, biomass heating, and more.

Program Timelines

There is no deadline to apply. The applications will be reviewed an ongoing basis. To learn more about the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC), visit their webpage for additional information.

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