CME SMART Prosperity Now Ontario Business Grant: Now Open

The CME SMART Prosperity Now program is now accepting applications for small business funding grants through the CME SMART Prosperity Now Online Application. This recent Ontario business grant has replaced the previous funding mechanism, CME SMART, and now has new requirements for funding eligibility as mentioned in our previous blog CME SMART Prosperity Now. In addition, the submission of this business funding grant requires the inclusion of a Business Plan; highlighting key information including critical success factors, risk mitigation and expected financial returns.

Shift in Funding Focus: Export Opportunities and Global Competitiveness

The SMART Prosperity Now business funding grant is still tailored for Southern Ontario small businesses looking to invest in product and process improvements; however focus has now been shifted to the Global Marketplace, meaning your project must have a focus on exporting to foreign markets, which includes the United States. Eligibility for this business funding grant now requires applicants to be involved in exporting, planning to gain entry to global markets, or selling into a value chain leading to exports.

Next Steps for Business Funding Applications

Those who are interested in opportunities for small business funding grants should contact Mentor Works, The Government Funding Planners for more details. Businesses who would like more information on the IBP membership details should start by contacting a CME representative. To keep up to date with other Canadian Government Funding Programs, please follow us on Twitter, or Linkedin and subscribe to our new E-newsletter located on the right-hand side of this page.

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