Creative Export Canada (CEC): Up to $2.5M for Global Expansion

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UPDATE: This programs 2021 intake period is open until September 29, 2021. Find out more on the Creative Export Canada Program Page.

In an effort to further support the expansion of Canada’s creative industries such as performing arts, music, and digital media, the Creative Export Canada (CEC) funding program has opened a new intake period to strengthen organizations in creative sectors by funding export-ready projects. The CEC funding that will be provided to eligible organizations offers financial support for projects that generate export revenues and help Canada’s unique and artistic groups reach more people around the world.

Eligible creative industry applicants may receive up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $2.5M in government funding via the Creative Export Canada program.

The new intake for applications is open until September 29, 2021. This article provides an overview about the program and what it takes to be an eligible applicant. If you have a project that you believes aligns with the following criteria, please contact Mentor Works and we will be happy to discuss your government funding opportunities.

Funding Eligibility: Creative Export Canada (CEC)

The Government of Canada’s Creative Export Strategy has three main goals:

  1. Boost export funding in existing Canadian Heritage programs.
  2. Increase and enhance the international presence of Canada’s creative industries.
  3. Establish a new creative export funding program and build relationships needed to make business deals.

The Creative Export Canada funding program supports the government’s Creative Export Strategy goals by aiming to increase export profitability for Canada’s creative industries.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for CEC funding, applicants are to express the following:

  • For-profit or not-for-profit organizations (federal program);
  • Maximum of $500M in annual revenues;
  • Minimum of one full-time employee; and
  • Canadian-owned and controlled.

Eligible Projects

Projects eligible for Creative Export Canada must:

  • Expect to generate new export revenues;
  • Have a minimum total cost of $300,000;
  • Be export-ready (content is ready to be marketed, export research/plan is fully developed). Applicant must hold the intellectual property rights for content; and
  • Support one or more of the following creative industries:
    • Audiovisual
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Publishing
    • Visual Art
    • Design (limited to exhibit design, fashion design, artistic product design, public art design, urban design)
    • Interactive Digital Media (in combination with one of the industries listed above).

Eligible Expenses

These project expenses are eligible to be covered under CEC funding support:

  • Marketing expenses;
  • Acquisition of digital or other technologies;
  • Professional services or internal labour related to the project;
  • Travel (projects that only consist of travel are unlikely to be competitive);
  • Administrative costs (limited to 15%); and
  • Translation and interpretation expenses (limited to 10%).

Learn More: Apply for Creative Export Canada

The deadline to apply for the new intake period of Creative Export Canada (CEC) is September 29, 2021.

Eligible Projects must start between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023 and can be up to 24 months in length.

If your organization is interested in Creative Export Canada and your project meets the above eligibility criteria, please contact Mentor Works to set up a Funding Discovery Session.

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