Enabling Accessibility Fund – Final Call for Small Project Component Proposals

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has opened a call for proposals from small businesses looking to receive Canadian Government funding for business accessibility improvements through the small project component of the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF). This program provides financial incentives for results-oriented projects across Canada that look to increase the accessibility of businesses for people with disabilities.

Ontario Business Grants Information

The Small Project Component of the Enabling Accessibility Fund provides non-refundable government grants of up to $50K per project to increase a business’ accessibility for people with disabilities. Projects considered applicable for funding may include but are not limited to:

  • Addition of an Interior or Exterior Ramp
  • Installation of Larger or Automated Doors
  • Raised or Lowered Kitchen Counters and Sinks
  • Addition of Accessible Washrooms
  • Installation of an Elevator or Lift
  • Accessibility Upgrades for Community-Based Vehicles
  • Interactive Technology Upgrades for Computers and Telephones

HRSDC deems any activities that create or improve the accessibility of businesses for persons with disabilities to be eligible for funding through this program. At least 25 percent of the project costs must come from other non-federal government sources.

Proposal Deadline for Small Business Funding Grants

Businesses requiring additional support or information regarding their small business funding grants can contact one of our Ontario Government Funding Planners or visit the HRDSC Website . To receive the latest updates regarding Canadian Government Funding Grants, please subscribe to our Weekly Ontario Government Funding E-Newsletter.

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  1. we are looking to make a few modifications to our building. (stair lift, motorized door opener, ect.)

    Please contact John Groe for more detail. (905)533-0581

    Thank You!

    1. Hi John
      We apologize that we couldn’t get to you sooner. Unfortunately the call for small and mid-sized projects through the Enabling Accessibility Fund is now closed; however, you may be able to receive funding for the hiring persons with disabilities and the necessary technical and service modifications through the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. Whether you will be eligible to receive funding for the building modifications will be up to the discretion of Service Canada.

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