Energy Innovation Program – Three Different Cleantech Funding Calls

Energy Innovation Program – Three Different Cleantech Funding Calls

The Canadian government is committing to combatting climate change through innovative solutions such as the Energy Innovation Program. This funding program supports the federal government’s push for cleantech innovation towards the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This ambitious target requires bold and immediate action, and the funding of innovative cleantech projects is a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

The Energy Innovation Program Calls has three different intake topics: (1) Carbon Capture, (2) Storage & Transportation, and (3) Utilization.

Canada’s cleantech sector has already made significant progress in developing and implementing innovative technologies to address climate change. However, there is still much more work to be done to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. By investing in cleantech, the government aims to create new jobs, support economic growth, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Program Snapshot: Energy Innovation Program

First Call: Carbon Capture

Goal of this call: To drive down the cost and enhance performance of capture technologies.

Deadline to submit expression of interest: Closed October 3, 2022.

Status: Applications currently under review.

Second Call: Storage & Transportation

Goal of this call: To characterize and develop safe, permanent subsurface CO2 storage, and technologies that support safe and efficient transportation of CO2 and storage opportunities across Canada.

Deadline to submit expression of interest: Open January 25; closing April 17, 2023.

Status: Currently accepting applications. Review process for submissions of interest will take place over spring 2023, with successful applicants being invited to submit a full proposal in summer 2023.

Third Call: Utilization

Goal of this call: To expand the strategic uses of CO2 and support the development of cost- and energy-efficient utilization pathways.

Deadline to submit expression of interest: Opening fall 2023, with specific application intake dates to be announced.

Status: Accepting applications in fall 2023.

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Funding calls such as the Energy Innovation Program are essential to continue Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy. This will require ongoing collaboration between the government, industry, and other stakeholders to develop and implement innovative solutions. With the right investments and support, Canada can continue to lead the way in cleantech innovation and make progress towards a sustainable future.

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