FAQs: TECTERRA Industry Investment Fund Canadian Business Grants

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesTECTERRA is a government funded organization, located in Alberta, Canada that provides investment and grant funding, business support, networking opportunities and a laboratory for the Canadian geomatics industry.

 What is the Industry Investment Fund?

The Industry Investment Fund is a recurring Call for Proposals that enables geomatics companies across Canada to submit their commercialization ready project proposals for funding to support the commercialization of their new and innovative technology for geomatics.

 What does “recurring Call for Proposals” mean?

This means that throughout the year, based on the availability of funds, TECTERRA will issue Call for Proposal opportunities that you can respond to. There isn’t an open or ongoing method of applying for funding.

 What funding is available through the Industry Investment Fund?

The Industry Investment Fund offers support up to 50% of project costs from a minimum of $100,000 to a maximum of $500,000 as a low-interest Canadian business loans program.

 How does funding through the Industry Investment Fund work?

Funding from the Industry Investment Fund is an investment, not a grant. Investment funding from TECTERRA is defined as an interest free loan that is repayable only if the product is commercially successful. Repayment would begin only when revenue is generated.

 How long can my Industry Investment Fund project be?

Projects eligible for Canadian small business loans through the Industry Investment Fund can be 6 months – 2 years in length.

Who is eligible for to submit a proposal?

For the TECTERRA Industry Investment Fund a proposal can be submitted by any small-medium sized Canadian based company, including start-ups in the field of geomatics.

What type of project is eligible to receive funding from the Industry Investment Fund?

Commercialization projects such as the following are eligible for funding:

  • Technology development
  • Manufacturing readiness
  • Channel Development
  • Marketing

Does TECTERRA have any project priorities?

TECTERRA is most interested in projects associated with integrated resource management. However, other geospatial projects are eligible to receive funding from the Industry Investment fund.

Are there any project details that will help my project be successful in applying for this funding?

Yes, the Industry Investment Fund wants to support projects that include hiring HQP – a minimum of one is required per project.

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Is this the only program that can provide funding for my geomatics business?

No, there are numerous government funding programs that can help your business. To find out more information, contact one of our government funding experts.

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