FedDev Ontario Funding Provides $5 Million To Palette Skills Inc.

FedDev Ontario Funding Provides $5 Million To Palette Skills Inc.

Palette Skills Inc. is a not-for-profit based out of Toronto, Ontario that helps workers adapt to the rapid changes and new demands in the Canadian job market. Palette Skills Inc. works with companies in growing industries that are having difficulty with filling high-demand jobs, then designs programs that aim to rapidly teach workers the necessary skills to meet those demands.

By focusing on training mid-career workers, Palette Skills Inc. has created a pilot program called SalesCamp that incorporates workers’ existing skill sets and talents with the new skills and networks necessary for a transition to a B2B sales role.

Many of the workers who come to Palette Skills Inc. are often transitioning from their careers due to unforeseen circumstances.

What Will Funding from FedDev Ontario Be Used Towards?

Palette has recently completed their SalesCamp pilot program, which resulted in 40 new upskilled workers in the GTA. Reviewing the success of this pilot program, FedDev Ontario has chosen to invest $5 million to help support Palette in bringing their unique training model to the Windsor-Essex and Durham regions in 2020.

The not-for-profit grant will help support 100 companies and fill 220 jobs in both the advanced manufacturing and information and communications technology sectors over the course of the next three years.

Find Support for Your Business Via FedDev Ontario

FedDev Ontario was able to provide funding to Palette through its Regional Innovation Ecosystem stream, which aims to help create, grow, and develop inclusive regional networks in order to support business growth and innovation.

This FedDev Ontario stream delivers funding for not-for-profit organizations and businesses that help to strengthen local networks and create new opportunities for rural businesses.

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