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In a previous blog in early May, we profiled an excellent hiring mechanism to serve Masters or PhD professionals that have graduated in the last five years. The position must create an opportunity in R&D and is generally along the lines of new processes, services or products. Recently, we learned that there is no timeline for applying as applications are reviewed in monthly releases.

Graduate Eligibility

The First Job program supports technology innovation and the graduate must contribute to further development prior to commercialization. The M.A. or Ph.D. is not mandatory, but is favoured, particularly as First Job just lowered their funding amount, but increased the scope of the number of applications.  The candidates for the program must be seeking his/her first job in their area of expertise since graduation and must be entitled to work in Canada.

Criteria for Applying

It is important to note that identifying a candidate is mandatory prior to completing an OCE First Job Enquiry Form. After the completion of this profile document and upon approval, access will be provided to complete the application form through a new online process. You may hire initially on contract, however all rounds of funding are very competitive and may have limited funding. Keep it highly R&D focused and allow 6-8 weeks for approval.

How it Works

First Job supports a maximum internship amount up to a max of $25k for one year. The catch is that it must be the grad’s first job (in his/her area of expertise) since graduate and his graduation date must be in the last five years. The application process involves a review board and is selected based on ROI to the company in a new area or as an extension to an existing technology.

Although similar to the Youth Employment Program, this is an excellent option for investment in R&D and commercialization. For other funding programs available to businesses, consider the Graduate Enterprise Internship and browse other available Human Resources & Training government funding mechanisms available. Alternatively, if you have more questions, please contact us at Mentor Works.

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