Canadian Business Grants for Information and Communications Technology Hires

bigstock-young-engeneer-business-man-wi-14843651Last year, there was an overwhelming interest in a popular small business grants program aimed at supporting new hires to high demand positions in information and communications technology positions. The Canadian government grants for ICT hiring program has now launched its 2014 round of funding for an ICT wage subsidy, which has brought along some changes, mainly increasing its maximum grant contribution to $18,000 in funding as opposed to $16,000 provided in 2013.

Canada Small Business Grants for ICT Hires: Eligible Positions

Positions eligible for funding under this ICT hiring grant program include many of the popular job titles included in last year’s program, including:

  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Computer/Hardware Engineer
  • Graphic Designer/Illustrator
  • Computer and Information System Manager
  • Interactive Media Developer

Funding for Small Businesses in Canada: Employer Eligibility

In order to qualify for Canada small business grants for hiring ICT professionals companies must meet the following criterion:

  • Must be doing business within a high-demand sector;
  • Must be prepared to offer a full-time ICT job for a minimum length of three months; and,
  • Be looking to hire the employee, in a full-time position, after the program is complete.

Small Business Government Grants for Hiring: Eligible Employees

To qualify for this program as an employee, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages 15 to 30 (inclusive) at the time of intake/selection;
  • Be currently unemployed or underemployed;
  • Be seeking ICT work experience; and,
  • Not currently receiving Employment Insurance benefits.

Get Started on Your Canada Government Grant for Hiring Application Today

Contact a Canadian government funding expert with details of the position and the job applicant in order to get started on your application today.


Learn More about Government Grants for Small Business Hiring

Mentor Works actively seeks out small business government grants for hiring. If you are hiring a high demand role to an established small to mid-sized business, please contact a Canadian government funding expert to see how much funding you might qualify for. Please let us know details of the position and your firm in order for us to match you with the most lucrative funding opportunity.

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