Gala Bakery Improves Consumer Confidence While Growing their Business

Production of bread in factoryGala Bakery of Hamilton, Ontario has recently taken on a comprehensive traceability project to improve the efficiency of their operations while increasing market access and protecting their brand. The Traceability Foundations Initiative (TFI) is a federal-provincial cost-shared initiative under the Agricultural Flexibility Fund. It was developed to support industry-led information traceability systems.

Small Business Grants Funding for Traceability a Major Success

The bakery’s owner spoke with members of the Traceability Foundation about her experience with the program:

“The development of our traceability system has allowed our product claims to be substantiated and to improve our product quality, consistency and freshness – key elements in securing loyal, satisfied customers. Our traceability system was also imperative in Gala and Traynors achieving Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, a further step in ensuring consumer confidence in our high quality, safe products.” – Jacqueline Janosevic, Gala Bakery (quote originally published by OMAFRA)

Traceability Project Leads to Almost Immediate Return on Investment

During the course of Gala Bakery’s 3 month project sales increased by 5 percent, and 5 new jobs were created while product waste declined by 25 percent. Gala Bakery’s payback period was a mere 4 to 5 months while earning them a 160 percent Return on Investment.

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