GF2 Ontario: Organizations & Collaborations Deadline July 3, 2014

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) is working in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to support a competitive, sustainable and innovative agri-food and agri-products sector. The Growing Forward 2 Ontario Government Funding Initiative has set aside $417 million of funding over the next five years to assist producers, processors, and organizations & collaborations. The next deadline for application submissions to this program is July 3, 2014. Thus, if you would like to benefit from this program, it is highly encouraged that you submit an application by this date. Please contact us for more information.

Definition of Organizations & Collaborations under Growing Forward 2 Ontario

An Organization is a legal, not-for-profit organization, based in Ontario in the agriculture, agri-food, agri-products industry. Meanwhile, a Collaboration is a partnership between any two or more, legal, for-profit business, not-for-profit organizations/associations, and academic institutions.

Organizations and Collaborations Capacity Building Projects

For the Organizations and Collaborations stream, Capacity Building government funding for business is available through cost-sharing where up to 75% of project costs will be covered by the program.

Projects Eligible for Ontario Small Business Grants Coverage

Eligible projects under the Capacity Building stream include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Audits/Assessments
  • Training

Learn more about how to Qualify for the Capacity Building StreamOrganizations & Collaborations stream by visiting Mentor Works’ small business funding blog.

Growing Forward 2 Ontario Small Business Grants for Project Implementation

For the Growing Forward 2 Organizations and Collaborations Project Implementation Stream, 50% – 75% of project costs will be covered through a cost-sharing arrangement. The amount of funding through Ontario small business grants an eligible applicant will receive depends on the innovative quality of the project.

Project implementation that concentrates on one of the following GF2 Focus Areas:

  • The environment and climate change,
  • Animal and plant health,
  • Market development,
  • Labour productivity enhancement,
  • Assurance systems; and,
  • Business and leadership development.

Visit Mentor Works’ government grants and loans blog to learn more about how to Qualify for GF2 Organizations & Collaborations, Project Implementation.

Growing Forward 2 Ontario Organizations & Collaborations Deadlines: 2014

Growing Forward 2 Ontario’s next deadline is fast approaching. Here are the upcoming Organizations & Collaborations 2014 deadlines:

  • July 3, 2014
  • August 28, 2014
  • October 16, 2014
  • November 9, 2014
  • December 11, 2014

Contact a Growing Forward 2 Small Business Grants and Loans Expert

If your business has at least 15 employees, has been incorporated for a minimum of 3 years and is looking to explore funding for agriculture and agri-food businesses in Canada please contact a Canadian government funding expert in order to get started.

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