Up to $100K Grant for Manufacturers for Training And Clean Technology ​

The landscape of Canada’s manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving due to an amplified motivation to meet green initiatives in line with the country’s zero-emissions goals by 2050. Clean technology funding delivers invaluable upgrades to the sectors that can have a significant impact on making Canada a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable home to all.  

This new Canadian government funding administered through the Yves Landry Foundation, also known as the AIME Green Initiative, provides non-repayable grant contributions to a maximum $100,000 to support Ontario manufacturers in upskilling their workforce to adopt green manufacturing practices at the shop floor level.  

Via this Yves Landy Foundation training program, manufacturing sector businesses located in southern Ontario can apply to receive up to $100,000 in government grants to upskill and train their workforce in adopting green manufacturing solutions. To improve productivity and innovation, eligible manufacturing businesses can access funding for customized training programs that support the adoption of new green technologies, processes, or procedures, and development of highly skilled personnel with Canadian government grants. 

“Through this investment, we are supporting 1,450 manufacturing jobs in southern Ontario, while demonstrating the Government of Canada’s commitment to take the necessary steps forward to help our communities and businesses contribute to a greener and more resilient future.” 
– Iqwinder Gaheer, Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Malton 

About the Yves Landry Foundation Funding for Training Via the Government of Canada 

The Yves Landry Foundation will administer the Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence Green Initiative (AIME Green) program via the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), which recently announced a total investment of up to $4 million to boost green initiatives in the manufacturing sector while also creating and maintaining over 1,000 jobs across southern Ontario.  

Funding Amount: 

  • Up to 25-50% of eligible training expenses to a maximum $100,000 grant contribution (non-repayable). 
  • Contribution percentages are determined as follows:  
    – First time applicants – 50% of eligible costs  
    – Applicants who have received funding more than 24 months ago – 25% of eligible costs 

Program Eligibility: 

To be eligible for Canadian government grants via this manufacturing funding program, your Canadian business must: 

  • Have between 10–1,000 employees in southern Ontario; 
  • Have been continuously in business for at least three (3) years and can demonstrate financial stability;  
  • Operate a manufacturing facility or facilities in Southern Ontario; and 
  • Demonstrate adoption/adaption of greening technologies in products or manufacturing processes.  

NOTE: It is important to observe that applicants who have received AIME Green funding in the past 24 months are not eligible.  

Project Eligibility  

  • Training to support the adaptation of new technology, processes, or procedures to support innovations linked to green innovation, increased competitiveness, and expanded market access.  
  • Training that develops highly skilled personnel in any area that leads to innovation or productivity improvements to make the company greener and more competitive (i.e., engineering skills, software, new manufacturing methods, etc.).  

Eligible Project Expenses:  

  • Internal trainer and trainee payroll expenses; 
  • 3rd party trainer costs (trainer does not have to be Canadian, and training can take place inside or outside of Canada); and 
  • Training materials, facility rentals, training travel costs, etc.  

Funding Timeline 

This program is currently open as a two-stage application process. Training can start once an application is approved and funding is allocated upon training completion and final reporting. All training must be complete by April 30, 2023. 

Cleantech Funding for Canadian Manufacturing Businesses 

To access government funding for clean technology and green initiatives means that your business can be part of helping Canada meet climate change goals, reduce the overall environmental footprint, and join the movement as a leader in clean technology.  

Browse the Top 5 Government Funding Programs for Canadian Cleantech Innovation and/or browse all Cleantech Funding Programs currently available, such as the Sustainable Development Technology Canada program. You will discover programs such as the NGen Manufacturing Program which can help manufacturers access between $25,000 and $8.8 million for innovative technology adoption.  

With government grant, loan, and tax credit programs having quick turnover dates between being announced and intakes closing, it is important to stay tuned to funding news so that your business knows what the process is and when to apply. Download our free When to Apply for Government Funding slide deck to learn how and when to apply at optimal times.  

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