Greenbelt Fund Awards Abate Rabbit Packers $25,000 in Business Grants

Greenbelt Fund Local Food Innovation Fund Awarded to Ontario Meat Processor

Abate Rabbit Packers is a provincially-licensed meat processor located in Arthur, Ontario. Founded in 1967, the company has enjoyed many years of success and now maintains over 45 full-time employees. In addition to rabbit, its main product, Abate also offers poultry such as Cornish hen, chicken, quail, and duck.

Recently, Abate Rabbit Packers received $25,000 in Ontario government funding, enabling the meat processor to expand processing output.

Offered through the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Innovation Fund (LFIF), Ontario government funding will allow Abate to hire highly-skilled butchers and invest in new equipment. As a result of these improvements, Abate will increase production capacity and increase the domestic and international markets that have access to its products. This aligns with the goals of Greenbelt Fund’s Local Food Investment Fund, which include enhanced market access for Ontario-based agriculture and agri-food products.

Abate Rabbit Packers to Increase Production by 108%

Abate is a processor of specialty game, including rabbits and high-end poultry products. The company is also a wholesaler, retailer, and supplier of food service businesses across Ontario. Since being founded over 50 years ago, Abate Rabbit Packers has established itself as a small but prestigious abattoir.

To remain competitive against domestic and international competition, Abate recognized an opportunity to invest in its facilities and workforce. This led the company to invest in new production equipment and hire several new, highly-skilled butchers. As a result, the project is expected to increase productivity by 108% above existing performance metrics.

Abate Rabbit Packers will receive up to $25,000 in Ontario government grants through the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund.

When the project is complete, Abate will have the resources needed to offer different cuts of meat to customers. As a result, Abate’s products will be more widely available and customers will have greater access to Ontario-produced meat. Additional production can also open new export markets and drive the availability of Ontario-based foods worldwide.

About the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund was established to improve access to Ontario-based agricultural products. It offers Ontario government grants to offset a portion of eligible project costs related to increasing the amount of agri-food products produced and consumed within the province.

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund provides up to 50% of project expenses, with no defined maximum amount that can be awarded.

Proposed projects must either strengthen the value chain of food products made with Ontario ingredients, create food hubs to increase farmers’/food processors’ access to retail/food service, or enable businesses to access new and emerging markets through networking or business intelligence.

Get Started: Greenbelt Local Food Investment Fund

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund has historically accepted applications during scheduled intake periods taking place throughout the year. At the time of this blog’s posting, there are no upcoming intake periods, although it’s expected that a new intake will be announced within the coming months.

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