Hire Science and Technology Graduates

Research and Development Support – Hiring Graduates

Ontario Centres of Excellence offers support for Ontario Businesses to hire knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates from Ontario Colleges and Universities and the application process is open. The Provincially funded program provides employment opportunities to graduates with research and development expertise to bring results in developing new services, processes or products. Companies also benefit from new ideas, new ways of approaching challenges, capacity for innovation, software skills and collaboration strategies.

As new graduates seeking First Jobs, the program allows them to accelerate their careers through assignment that match their area of expertise.

Government Funding Amount

The contribution of the grant provides a max of $40k toward the grad’s salary (or up to 50%). Start-up companies are eligible for support for up to 80% of the graduate salary.

Application Process

The deadline for the application submission is May 13, 2011 with approvals released within 4-6 weeks after that date.

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