Investing in Business Growth & Productivity: Not-For-Profits

Business meetingInvesting in Business Growth & Productivity: Not-For-Profits focuses on strengthening the productivity and global competitiveness of southern Ontario businesses. Investing in Business Growth & Productivity is offered through The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev) as a part of their suite of Ontario business grants and loans called Southern Ontario Prosperity Initiatives (SOPIs).  SOPIs are a new suite of initiatives designed to support and develop a stronger, more vibrant southern Ontario economy

Ontario Government Grants for Not-for-Profits– Funding Details

The IBGP Canadian government grants program provides a non-repayable contribution towards eligible project costs to a maximum of $20 million per project up to 100 percent of eligible costs. Funding is available from April 1, 2014. Multiyear projects are eligible but keep in mind, all project activities must be completed by December 31, 2018. Eligible applicants are industry associations and regional economic development organizations located in southern Ontario.

Government Grants Ontario Not-For-Profit & SME collaborations

  • Must have the ultimate beneficiaries contribute a minimum 50% cash contribution to cover 50% of projects costs.
  • There is a limit of $100,000 contribution per SME under an Agency project with a not-for-profit organization.
  • In-kind contributions are not eligible.
  • Up to 10% of the contribution to not-for-profit organizations can support outreach and project admin costs

Grants for Not-for-Profits from the Ontario Government

Projects demonstrating efforts towards funding or collaborating with SMEs on:

  • The adoption or adaptation of technologies,
  • Processes and practices to improve productivity
  • Support for SMEs integration into global value chains and market diversification

Investing in Business Growth and Productivity – Applicant Eligibility

In order to qualify for this not-for-profit grant, the industry associations and regional economic development organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide evidence of any other project funding;

Must have a sustainable project governance/business model and a track record of successful delivery of services to SMEs;

  • The project will accelerate the adaptation or adoption of new innovative technologies and/or processes to impact productivity of southern Ontario SMEs;
  • Must possess appropriate organization and project management and technical skills;
  • Have evidence of the project’s cost estimates;
  • Complies with all previous agreements with Government funding agencies; and
  • Have capacity to account for and execute the project successfully in a timely manner.

Ontario Government Grants for Not-for-Profits –Timeline

The application process now is open with continuous intake. Please note that preference will be given to certain priority sectors.


Learn More about Southern Ontario Prosperity Initiatives from FedDev

Are you interested in learning more about FedDev’s New Funding Programs?   Sign up for a free informational webinar on New FedDev Funding Programs,  where Mentor Works’ own Bernadeen McLeod will explain all of the opportunities available to established small businesses and not-for-profits in southern Ontario.

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