Ignite Pitch Competition: Support for Ontario Energy Innovation

Ignite Pitch Competition Support for Ontario Energy Innovation

Partner with OPG in the 2018 Ignite Competition

Ontario is known as a leader in low-carbon electricity generation. Investments in clean technologies have long been a goal for Ontario’s electrical system, which has benefited Ontarians and businesses alike. Adopting innovative, clean technologies today helps shift towards a more sustainable grid and enables Ontario to benefit as these innovations continue to improve and become more cost-effective.

Fortunately, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Spark Centre are teaming up to provide the Ignite Pitch Competition, a competitive search for disruptive energy solutions. Now in its sixth year, the competition is seeking applicants to pitch their ideas which can support the province’s current and upcoming energy projects.

The Ignite Pitch Competition offers innovators up to $25,000 in seed funding and an ongoing partnership with OPG as both a sponsor and a possible first customer.

To be part of the Ignite Pitch Competition, innovators must apply online by September 28, 2018. Accepted applications lead to a three-minute pitch in front of OPG’s “Power Panel,” where start-ups and scale-ups can propose their innovations. Category winners are offered funding and collaboration opportunities, while other applicants receive input on ways to further develop and improve the technology.

Register for the OPG Ignite Info Session: Join OPG on September 10 to learn more about the Ignite Competition.

Ignite Pitch Competition: Clean Technology Categories

This year, the Ignite Pitch Competition has three key areas where innovators can support clean technology development. These include:

  • Inspection and Maintenance;
  • Environment; and
  • Darlington Refurbishment.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and maintenance services at OPG covers several activities related to the management of critical assets. These assets are diverse and complex, ranging from nuclear reactors, steam generators, and turbines, to dams and other energy assets. Despite critical assets being large and complex systems, there is no innovation too small to make a difference.

Advancements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance activities is what OPG is looking for, and any advancement that furthers the paramount priority of safety is especially welcome.

This year, OPG has put together a series of more focussed challenges that they’ve personally encountered on work campaigns, with the goal of finding feasible innovative solutions.


A key part of OPG’s social license is its environmental stewardship. As part of this, the Environment category seeks to work with other departments to assist in the planning and execution of projects with environmental stewardship in mind.

OPG Environment is seeking for new ideas to further reduce the environmental footprint of its operations.

Keeping power generation virtually carbon free and as clean as possible was only the first step in this long commitment. Now, OPG is pursuing contributions in the field of transport electrification, energy efficiency, reducing emissions and spills, and spill and emission mitigation. As part of this effort, OPG Environment is engaged to collaborate with innovators and entrepreneurs for new ideas and new solutions.

Darlington Refurbishment

The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is one of Ontario’s key long-term energy assets. Since the early 1990s, Darlington has been responsible for about 1/5 of the province’s electricity generation, every kilowatt-hour of which has been virtually carbon-free.

After years of reliable operation, Darlington is undergoing a mid-life refurbishment. This will allow it to continue the legacy of safe, clean, reliable baseload power for an additional 30 years. The refurbishment project itself is a colossal undertaking, spanning 17 years from its start date in 2010 to completion in 2026.

This infrastructure project is extraordinary, but now more so than ever, it must be done right. That’s why Darlington Refurbishment is looking to engage passionate, hard-working innovators and start-ups.

The Darlington Refurbishment team is looking for ideas that will ensure safe work practices and improve the process in general.

Any positive impact on such a large-scale effort will help further the legacy of clean energy in Ontario.

Ignite Durham: Competition Process and Key Dates

The competition is just around the corner, and the OPG Ignite team is excited to begin receiving interesting ideas from hosts of applicants. Below are some key dates to keep in mind for the coming months.


  • 27th: Applications Open


  • 28th: Applications Close


  • Week of October 8th: Successful applicants invited onto Launchpad (OPG’s innovation collaboration platform) and matched to OPG mentors
  • October 12, 18 & 19th: Refurbishment / Environment / Inspection & Maintenance Pitch Schools


  • 2nd: Pitch Competition
  • 21st: Boardroom Competition


  • 4th: Final winner / Gala Event

Register for the OPG Ignite Info Session: Join OPG on September 10 to learn more about the Ignite Competition.

About OPG: Ontario’s Lowest-Cost Clean Energy Provider

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) produces almost half of the electricity that Ontario homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses rely on each day. They are committed to ensuring energy production is reliable, safe, and environmentally sustainable for Ontarians.

In 2014, OPG burned its last piece of coal to make electricity. This continues to be the largest single action to combat climate change in North America to date. For more information, please visit www.opg.com.

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