Up to $25K for Automotive: Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) Program New Intake

Reliable support services on intellectual property (IP) are vital in helping businesses and innovators advance and protect their valuable IP. Government funding programs offering support for such initiatives can have tremendous economic benefits for both industry and individual professionals of Ontario.

Eligible Ontario-based automotive businesses can apply for the Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) program until December 23, 2022, to receive up to $25,000 in government funding for intellectual property services.

The shift into Ontario’s automotive sector follows the October launch of the IPON program which focused exclusively on the medical technology sector, providing similar funding for IP services and other IP support.

“Ontario is home to an internationally competitive auto sector working on cutting edge technologies like electric-hybrid powertrain systems, driverless vehicles, and smart car technologies. IPON is the first provincial agency in Canada specifically focused on helping companies including those in the auto sector manage and protect their IP.”
– Peter Cowan, CEO, Intellectual Property Ontario

Canadian automotive manufacturing trends

About The Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) Program

The Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) program’s mandate is to help advance Ontario’s economic growth and competitiveness by helping businesses better understand how to protect and maximize the value of their IP, allowing them to grow, compete in the market, and improve their research and commercialization outcomes.

Funding Amount

Eligible Ontario-based automotive sector businesses to receive up to $25,000 for IP services such as, but not limited to:

  • Patent or trademark registrations;
  • IP education programs; and/or
  • One-on-one mentorship programs.

Program Eligibility

A person or entity that is an intellectual property owner developing IP in the automotive technologies sector, through enabling technologies of hardware, software, or computerized systems relating to automotive or autonomous vehicles for transportation that are:

  • Data, mobility, or connectivity technologies that directly support, supply, or are embedded in automobiles or other micro-mobility platforms;
  • Low carbon, alternative power, or electric vehicle technologies that are used to directly support, supply, or are embedded in the vehicle;
  • Partially automated driving, highly automated driving, fully automated driving, or fully automated vehicle technologies that are used to support, supply, or are embedded in the vehicle; and/or
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies, devices, hardware, software, systems, or processes to support the technologies listed above.

It is important to note that meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee application approval. From this application, the IPON program will select up to 10 applicants to join its first automotive cohort. More IPON funding opportunities are expected to become available to a larger number of Ontario-based companies by 2024.


This application intake period for automotive sector businesses is open from December 2-23, 2022. Contact the Mentor Works team to see if you qualify.

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Canadian automotive manufacturing trends

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