International Science and Technology Partnership Program

Announced by the Government of Canada, the International Science and Technology Partnership Program (ISTPP) is a five-year, $20-million program promoting and encouraging international collaborative research. By supporting research projects within the science and technology field, the ISTPP will build strong Canadian relationships with Israel, India, China and Brazil. Science and technology networking will foster new global industry-industry partnerships as well as university-industry partnerships, increasing international competitiveness and prosperity.

Eligible Projects

The project must contribute to the objectives of the ISTPP; the funding must be necessary for the project to proceed with the desired scope. In the event of commercial success, the funding for your project must be repaid in whole or in part. Private companies in various sectors are eligible to apply; specific eligibility criteria are dependent on the project and target country.

Commercialization Focus

The ISTPP is an excellent way to encourage the global partnerships critical for improving commercialization. To see if your project is eligible for funding, please contact Mentor Works with the subject line: ISTPP.


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