International Strategic Opportunities Program (ISOP)

The International Strategic Opportunities Program aids in funding for the collaboration between Ontario research institutions and global research communities. The end result will involve an improved long-term economic opportunity by attracting and encouraging the most dedicated and hard working researchers. ISOP award can be awarded to universities, colleges, affiliated research and teaching hospitals and non-profit research institutions.

Applicable Projects

Eligible projects include management projects, attempts to develop or research links in target sectors, travel (including costs exchange programs and hospitality necessary for networking), any work with international workshops/seminars/conferences/exhibitions/meetings and publishing the proceeding associated with any of the above. Applications will be evaluated based on their importance to the criteria.

Economic Potential

To apply for funding, you are able to look for details and applications on the following website,  MRI – ISOP or contact Mentor Works for support in your decision. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and priority will be given to collaborations with researchers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and India.


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