Graduate Internship Program for Business Growth

Another hiring program, and probably the most popular, is the Accelerate Ontario program. As Ontario’s Graduate Research Internship Program, the goal is to connect high-quality expertise from the province’s universities with Ontario businesses.

The partner company contributes $7,500 and the funds are matched by Accelerate Ontario through Government Canada. The benefits to the company are innovative research, methods and development of tools, model, technology or solutions to support the companies challenge. You may apply for several interns and may have repeat work terms with the same student within the guidelines of the university year.

The student is managed through the professor and the Mitacs Business Development staff connects you with the local university or college for the appropriate expertise and complete the internship proposal.

This program is a great way to reduce the costs associated with highly skilled individuals and tackle innovative challenges on a quarterly basis with outside support. Many teams have been motivated with the approach and added technical skills assistance.

Further details are available by viewing our overview of the Graduate Research Internship Program.

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