Before now, Ryerson University based out of Toronto, Ontario was the only school in Ontario offering the iSTEM hiring grant. University of Waterloo has officially changed that. Also known as the Graduate Enterprise Internship, the iSTEM program offers up to $15K towards the hiring of a science, technical, engineering, or mathematics student or graduate. The funding amount works off of two levels:

  1. Undergraduate: Maximum support of $10K or 50% of the intern’s salary
  2. Graduate: Maximum support of $15K or 50% of the intern’s salary

For more information on how to use the iSTEM program to hire a University of Waterloo undergraduate or graduate, please contact us at Mentor Works.

More Information on GEI/iSTEM Small Business Grants for Hiring

Choose from one of the following for more information, or to get started on your iSTEM application today!

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