FedDev Graduate Enterprise Internship for Southern Ontario Businesses

Ryerson University has just recently been approved to administer the FedDev program called Graduate Enterprise Internship.  To support Southern Ontario business funding, the details have been summarized for this new hiring program as the Graduate Enterprise Internship.

iSTEM Program

This is intrapreneurship for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math graduates and has gained the term of the iSTEM program. It is an innovative program designed to provide business training to eligible recent graduates of either an undergraduate or graduate STEM program for a 6-month work placement. The funding contributes towards an intern’s salary of up to $15,000 for a graduate student or recent graduate of a master’s or doctoral-level STEM program and up to $10,000 for a recent graduate of an undergraduate STEM program or a college program at the advanced diploma level. Small- and medium-sized businesses will contribute half of intern salary costs as a matched stipend for a 6-month work placement. Businesses will benefit from the technical knowledge of the graduates and gain additional skills to innovate.

Ryersons’ Process to Find Intern Candidates

According to Joyce Epstein, iSTEM Project Manager at Ryerson, “both the potential interns and SME’s will be entered into the PlacePro Information System and SME’s will have an opportunity to review on-line resumes and select the intern best suited for the position.  The company will be responsible for their own interviewing and hiring.”

Details of the full press release from FedDev has been posted at Ryerson Researchers and Graduates. For additional information on how to apply to other government funding strategies, please contact the specialists at Mentor Works for grants for small business.

More Information on GEI/iSTEM Small Business Grants for Hiring

Choose from one of the following for more information, or to get started on your iSTEM application today!

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