Jobs and Investment Program (JIP)

This program is a branch off the main fund that was launched by the Ontario government called the Next Generation of Jobs Fund (NGOJF) which is a five-year program aimed at developing new technologies and services for international markets. This specific stream, Jobs and Investment Program, focuses on supporting business expansion or retention and attracting foreign investment. This program will cover up to 15% of the total costs of an eligible project and the funding will be in the form of a conditional grant or if preferred, a loan.

Funding Eligibility

Projects that are eligible for this opportunity to receive funding must provide economic and environmental benefits to the province, demonstrate innovation, invest $25M or create/retain 100 high value jobs within five years and lastly, address one or more of the NGOJF “Jobs and Investments” Priority Investment Targets (listed below).

Priority Investment Targets

  • Green auto research, parts production and assembly
  • Clean fuels research, development and commercialization
  • Environmental technologies, clean industries and bio-economy
  • Advanced health technologies
  • Digital media and information and communications technology
  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Anchor investments to support cluster development (including services sector)
  • Strategic investments uniquely advantageous to Ontario

How to Apply for this Canadian Government Funding

This program is great for companies with projects listed under the priority investment targets. Applications can be submitted at any time. Contact Mentor Works  for more information and support while applying to this program.

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