Machine, Tool, & Die Companies Receive Software Training Support

The Canadian Machine Tool Distributors Association (CMTDA) has resupplied the successful Advanced Software and Machine Training Fund to provide funding throughout 2011. The fund has received a $900,000 top-up to help Ontario’s machine, tool, die, and mould companies conduct training on software that will enhance their competitiveness.

Eligibility Factors

Applicants must be Ontario companies in the machine, tool, die, or mould sector. The training must be related to an advanced software platform used to increase their competitiveness. There are no restrictions to workforce size; however issued funding will be dependent on the number of employees on payroll:

  • 1-10 employees: $10,000 max
  • 11-75 employees: $15,000 max
  • >75 employees: $20,000 max

How to Receive Funding

Interested companies can apply by sending an application to the CTMA ( There is no application template available; your form should be created from scratch and include the following according to the CTMA:

  • A brief description of your company and current number of employees.
  • Detailed training proposal outlining the type of advanced software and/or advanced machine training and how it will enhance your company’s competitiveness
  • Quotes from software and machine training providers to support your funding request
  • Estimated training dates
  • Names of employees to be trained in each training session

[Source: CTMA]

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