Marketing Funds for Food Manufacturers – New Funds Released

AgriMarketing Program (AMP)

As a food processor with an international market export plan, the objective of the AgriMarketing program is to extend the marketing capacity by supporting your market promotional priorities in international markets outside of Canada and the US. The program is to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian agriculture and food companies by providing financial support for branding to meet your strategic objectives of unique products in precise target countries.

Export Growth for Food Processors and Manufacturers

Submitted through Canadian Food Exporters Association, the purpose of the fund is to increase the profitable export sales of food, beverage and ingredient products that are processed or manufactured in Canada that are export ready. The funding available to SMEs, with up to 250 employees, is primarily based on tangible anticipated results and outcomes as compared to average costs of similar activities and results from other SMEs and is cost-share eligible expenses at 50%, up to a maximum of $50,000 annually. We encourage you to consider one target country per annual application for a regional market-focused approach.

Building Capacity for International Growth

For 2012-2013, the program has been allocated $2,500,000 to build capacity to export to international markets outside of the US as an example of Canadian government funding programs.

AgriMarketing Eligible Activities

Eligible Activities for AgriMarketing Funding linked to International Market Export Plan:

–        Trade show attendance as an exhibitor or non-exhibitor where AMP is not funding a National Industry Assoc representing the sector at the same show

–        Outgoing missions, exploratory missions

–        Training sessions for incoming missions

–        Trade seminars promoting Canadian agriculture, seafood and food products

–        Food service promotions, POS displays and advertising in print and media format (i.e. online advertising sites). This includes design and graphic work for the ads.

–        Translation services or other professional services at booth

–        Design, translation and production of promotional materials

–        Registration fees at seminars, trade shows, and conferences

–        Seminars including room rental, audio equipment rentals, etc

–        Travel fees and per diems allowance for trade shows and seminars

–        Product demonstration and instore promotions including catalogues, booklets, pamphlets for hand outs

For this government funding for business opportunity, the common ineligible costs include product development and general commercialization costs such as market research and SEO website support, development of industry-specific policies, subscriptions to publications, and memberships in trade associations.

Canadian Government Funding Timeline

The application process is currently open and food processors and manufacturers must submit applications by December 16th, 2011 for this Canadian Government Funding. This funding cycle will support activities from April 2012 to March 2013.

This is an excellent example of grants for small business in Ontario. If you have additional questions, or would like to have additional info, please contact Small Business Funding Grants to learn about other Canadian government funding programs such as the Export Market Access to support marketing activities.


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