MaRS Innovation Industry Access Program (MI-IAP) – April 10th Application Deadline

bigstock-Female-scientist-looking-at-be-27194207Researchers are often required to have industry partners in order to qualify for government funding programs, and making that connection can be especially difficult and time consuming for researchers.  Through a streamlined process, MaRS Innovation Industry Access Program helps researchers connect with one of MaRS Innovation’s industry partners, which include:  Baxter, LifeLabs, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Merck.

MaRS Innovation Industry Access Program (MI-IAP) –Eligible Activities

The program is open to any researcher affiliated with MaRS Innovation’s 16 member institutions working on technologies in:

  • Orphan indications
  • Colon (cancer, IBD, microbiome)
  • Drug delivery devices (inhalers, intravenous, non-needle/transdermal)
  • Infectious disease (detection, prevention and treatment)
  • Modeling and visualization of Big Data
  • Hospital information systems, analytics and EMR
  • The recommended budget range is $50,000 to $200,000.

MI-IAP Key Benefits:

MaRS Innovation is aware that researchers are busy.  In addition to saving time, MI-IAP provides researchers with the following key benefits:

  1. Gauging commercial interest in new technologies
  2. Presenting technologies to industry partners who may participate in future grant programs that require an industry match
  3. Potential to access committed funding through MI’s strategic partnership funds

Find Out if MI-IAP is Right for You –Its Easy

A great thing about this program is the application process is very considerate of researchers’ time, requiring a very simple Statement of Interest as a first step in getting involved in the program. Last year MaRS Innovation received 28 statements of interest, and of those 12 were invited to submit a non-confidential summary package (the second step of the two part application process). In 2013, 50% of the applicants that reached the second step of the application process were invited for a technology presentation with an industry partner.  In 2014 MaRS Innovation is hoping to see all of these numbers grow significantly.

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